Have A Quick Glance At Different Variants Of Men’s Underwear

Few years back, men’s used to think that since their undergarments are not visible, there is no need to go for a change. As a result, they used to follow just the old style of wear and also restricted themselves from adapting any new styles of underwear. But nowadays, men’s also want a change and so they are also having options to choose from hundreds of styles, each having specific attributes, designs as well as fabrics.

It could be said that the range of men’s underwear might not be as wide as compared to the women’s innerwear, but soon this gap is going to be filled rather quickly. So, let us have a look at the different style of men’s underwear that is replacing the old styles rapidly in the upcoming years:

  • The basic style- Briefs: Briefs are the most traditional, classic and comfortable choice for men’s. This type of underwear offers some cover at the lower end of the waistline and the complete rear and sufficient coverage at the front. The briefs are further divided into two more types and that is the low-cut briefs and the mid-cut briefs which truly offer the best comfort to the wearer.
  • Boxer Briefs: Boxer briefs are actually a combination of sorts and have a slight variation from actual boxer underwear. It gives a combined look of the biker shorts including the fitting of a traditional conventional brief and the appearance of boxer underwear.

  • Broader Shorts: The broader shorts are not a popular choice among men and especially those who dress in formals for the office. Usually, the broader shorts are the water-sports inners that are opted to wear under lower when heading on the beach. These are stitched in a trunk style but have a loose fitting and they could not be worn for longer hours.

  • Jockstraps or Thongs: The jockstraps that are popularly referred as thongs are a jock-type underwear. These are styled in a way that the front cup that looks like a miniature panel is being kept secured with the small band-like extensions that are being attached to the center of the waistband offering minimal coverage. These are often preferred choice for the hikers and campers and are worn under thinner fabrics. This also reduces sweating while offering more ventilation.

  • Boxers: The boxers are western type male underwear that extends through a few inches above the knees. These are favorites among the men and are usually worn under the trousers as they provide complete comfort to the wearer. Another popular variant of the boxer is the full-cut boxers that are structured in such a way that its inseams are crafted in order to provide more movable space. This ultimately helps in raising the comfort level while reducing the chances of creasing. The third type of boxer is the modern trunk that comes with a tighter fit. The trunk underwear is slightly shorter as compared to the boxer, but it fits tightly.

  • Sports Briefs: The sports briefs are an interesting option among different male underwear options. The front, as well as rear portions, is fairly covered, but their cuts are somewhat narrow towards the legs. In this type of underwear, the front cup has the ample size but the supporting sides are like a thin supporting band.

Thus, these were some of the most popular styles of the men’s underwear. Additionally, there are some of the new options introduced in recent years but they have not gained much popularity.

Author’s Bio: Daniel is a passionate blogger and currently working with a famousundergarments website. With the above post, he is sharing variants of male underwear that includes briefs, boxers, shorts, jockstraps, sports briefs and many more.  

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