4 Big Trends In Marketing

Digital marketing is revolutionising the way that businesses attract, service and retain their customer base. But is there still a role for print and other offline marketing methods? The fact is, the fundamentals of marketing still hold true – and whether you are delivering your marketing activity using online, offline or a mix of the two, the fundamentals still hold true. With a nod to the changing parameters of this fascinating business industry however, we take a look at some of the biggest trends in marketing today.

Data is Key

Marketers often tended to fall into the ‘intuitive, gut feel’ camp and the ‘data scientists’ camp when it came to strategic thinking and tactical delivery. However, with the increasing availability of tightly defined data, and an increased pressure to prove ROI, marketing is increasingly becoming about measurable results, marketing analytics and management information. Activity is being assessed for value and return on investment to a greater degree than ever before, allowing marketers to assess which activities are worthwhile investing in, and which simply aren’t. This isn’t to say that supporting activities such as PR are no longer worthwhile – the pressure is simply on to attach a value to them, such as column inches of press compared to an equivalent advertising cost. For the modern marketer, numeracy and analytical skills as just as vital as creative thinking.

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Everything is Targeted

This attention to detail is also facilitating market segmentation and targeting in a new way. Whereas in the past, customer groups were broadly defined, today’s businesses will often segment their customers into very tightly defined sub-groups, with specific marketing strategies for each. Personalisation and customisation are also key, and allowing businesses to have more meaningful and in-depth conversations with their target audiences. Targeting offers high impact marketing, with – potentially – a lower cost to serve, particularly where digital models are employed, such as PPC and PPV advertising, or email marketing campaigns segmented by target audience.

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Digital is Evolving

Once everyone wanted a website. More latterly, everyone jumped onto social media. Today’s news is the advent of ‘buy it now’ buttons on social media and the growth of mobile commerce. Nothing stays still! Without the inhouse skillsets required to develop apps, infographics, interactive diagnostics, complex websites with systems integration and other digital marketing applications, many firms are using the help of agencies. In Somerset web design and build services are provided competitively from firms such as somersetwebservices.co.uk.

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Customers Expect More

In a changing world where the customer is king, business customers have ever-increasing expectations. This offers opportunity and challenge alike for marketers. The businesses that can get this engagement right will benefit from uplifted engagement, sales and viral marketing. Those that fail to engage in the right way may find that their reputation is rapidly tarnished through social media and the power of the customer to offer instant and broad feedback to large follower audiences. Mindful of this, most smart firms are also investing very heavily in their customer services functions.

This list demonstrates how rapidly the world of marketing evolves! What are the biggest marketing trends affecting your business right now?

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