4 Decor Secrets to a Stunning Home in 2019

Decor Secrets

The New Year brings with it a reason to reboot and an opportunity to embrace what’s new and good. If you are planning to give your home a makeover, now is the time to do it. Know what’s in and what’s out to give your home a stylish yet comfortable look. 2018 was all about neutral colours, exposed lighting, and subway tiles. But with the New Year come new designs and patterns to give a fresh take on old styles. It is believed that 2019 will be a fantastic year as far as interior designing trends are concerned.

Here we list some décor secrets that will help you craft a stylish home this year:              


We’ve all seen accent walls and other unique wallpaper designs in the past. But this year, turn your eyes to the ceilings. Yes, statement ceilings will be one of the most dramatic and romantic trends you’ll see in 2019. From moulding covered ceilings to lacquered and expressively painted ones, there are many ways by which a ceiling can create an inviting visual impact. If you have shifted to a ready flat in Mumbai, a reimagined ceiling will make any room appear larger and brighter. It will create a more transformative and magical appearance than any common accent wall can. Best of all, it will add grandeur while retaining a fresh appeal.    


Clean and crisp lines were all rage in 2018, but this year will be different. Curved furniture will be a huge trend to look out for in 2019. From rounded chairs and sofas to oval tables and accent pieces, you’ll find a lot of curved furniture options for your home. Inspired by the classical style, designers are making curved furniture pieces that are sleek so that they complement with other furnishings of today’s contemporary interiors. If you are planning to give your home a new look, embrace the ‘curve craze’ this year.  


Geometric patterns are always in trend but this year they are expected to be more dramatic. Oversized patterns and bold colours will rev up the décor of your home. You can do that by opting for geometric tiles and wallpapers in bold colours for different rooms of the houses. A geometric mosaic tile wall will just be perfect to create a visual focal point in your living room. Incorporating a multi-coloured trianglular wallpaper would also be a great idea to add some glam in any room of the house. Another easy and effective way to introduce patterns in your home is by customising the flooring with rugs in striking patterns.


Don’t forget the role of plants when designing your home this New Year. Indoor plants never go out of style and this year will be no different. Plants with patterned leaves and the Chinese Money plant will become big hits. You may also find high-quality artificial plants in some of the best residential projects in Thane. These low maintenance plants do fine without water and help create a style statement. Vertical gardens will also be very popular this year.

New Year means time for new trends. So keep in mind the above points and give your home a stylish makeover. Remember to add a personal touch to all the changes you make so that the space reflects your personality.

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