4 Tips For Better Blog Engagement In 2015

Blogging, whatever the subject, is becoming more competitive and, as more blogs appear, it is a greater challenge to stand out. From business blogs to hobby subjects, you need to master these tricks in order to build your business or user base.

Stick to what you know

Your business or hobby blog should focus on the core subject, stick to it and master it. Readers seek knowledge and insight, and they won’t come to your page if it’s flooded with pictures of cats or recipes for cookies (unless they are the core subjects). They should also be regularly updated with news, events, practical advice and anything else that is relevant to your market or topic. Finding the information is easy, but you need to write about it in an engaging, fun or useful style that will help attract readers. If you can’t, get a freelancer who can provide a regular copywriting service.

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Manage your users

If you have a newsletter or regular email that gets sent to users, ensure it is kept up to date. You can verify email addresses in your database to ensure that only valid users get your emails, saving time and effort. Also, make sure there is always an easily accessible opt-out option so people don’t feel railroaded into receiving your content. If you have a Twitter following, check your followers using one of the many free management sites; if you lose lots of followers, try and work out why it is happening.

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Open up More Social Channels

Keeping a written blog may seem easy, but users are always on the look out for other forms of content and contact. Video blogging on YouTube, social chats and discussion on Google+ or BlackBerry Messenger, and image libraries on Pinterest or Instagram are all avenues you can explore to increase your user base, providing them with extra content that keeps them coming back. Link them all to the blog as the central source for information.

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Exclusive Content Wins

No matter what you have to do to get it, go and find something that no one else has – be it an interview, a product preview, or a unique bit of video footage. Go out of your way to find something unique for your blog and watch the hits roll in. Viral content is built around stuff that’s distinctive, so see what others are doing and mimic their approach with your own unique content.

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