4 Tips for Improving Your Streaming Video Experience

Technology has made it easy to watch your favorite movies through your computer from the comfort of your own home. The one drawback of streaming video is that sometimes there can be problems with your connection, resulting in choppy quality and random pausing. If you are a fan of streaming video but find yourself frustrated by poor quality, there are a number of things you can do to improve your home viewing experience. Here are four tips that can help you stream high quality videos through your home computer.

Check your Connection

One of the most common issues with streaming video is that the internet connection simply isn’t fast enough to accommodate the video stream. A too-slow internet connection results in poor picture quality, as well as constant buffering. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to watch a movie that is constantly stopping to load. If you are interested in HD-quality picture, it’s a good idea to have a connection speed of at least 5.0 megabits per second. Check your connection or contact your internet service provider for more information.

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Increase your Bandwidth

Another option is to increase your bandwidth in order to improve streaming video quality. This can be achieved fairly easily in some cases. Consider shutting off other devices in your home to free up some bandwidth for your streaming video; for example, tablets used for online gaming purposes or extra laptops. This simple step can help you significantly reduce any buffering issues that are happening with your streaming video.

Secure your Network

Is your home network password protected and secure? If the answer is no, you could be losing bandwidth in another way. Open internet connections allow anyone within connecting distance of your home to access your network. Not only can this pose a security hazard, it can also eat up your bandwidth. If you are interested in improving your streaming video experience, take a look at whether or not you’ve password-protected your home network. Adding a password revokes any unauthorized access by neighbors or random internet users in your vicinity.

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Explore Streaming Video Services

Another option that may be worth considering is exploring services that specialize in streaming video. Companies like Smart DNS Proxy allow you to easily create a fast and secure connection that’s optimal for streaming movies. There are also no global restrictions, so you can use the service to watch videos while at home and traveling. No more worrying about poor picture quality when you’re hosting movie night, or going without your Netflix fix while you’re away on vacation with your family. If you stream video from your computer frequently, it may be worth exploring a specialized service.

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If you love streaming video but you’re disappointed with the quality, there are several steps you can take to improve it. Start by checking your connection, increasing your bandwidth, and securing your network. Alternatively, you may want to consider looking into streaming video services to improve the quality of your movies. Rediscover your love of streaming video today with these helpful tips.

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