4 Types Of Air Humidifiers: Which One To Choose?

Humidifiers are electrical devices which add moisture to the room or to the entire house when the weather is extremely dry. In general, they are used in dry and arid places (for instance, in the Middle East region) or during the winters when the moisture content in the air tends to fall (like in the northern latitudes). Humidifiers are essential for those who tend to suffer from allergies and even help alleviate the symptoms of the cold.

How does having a humidifier help?

Installing an air humidifier is easy. Some require a water source and almost all humidifiers these days require a constant power supply. Humidifiers help by –

  • Increasing indoor humidity preventing chapped lips, dry skin, itchiness, cracked skin
  • Decreasing static electricity indoors
  • Preventing sinus infections, nosebleeds, and alleviate cold and asthma symptoms
  • Averting damage to wooden furniture, food items, flooring, and antiques that may be harmed due to the excessive dryness
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What are the types of humidifiers available?

  • Steam Vapour Mist Humidifier – Also called warm mist humidifier, the steam vapour mist humidifier produces a warm, steam mist. It heats the water and converts it to a fine mist, thus, destroying the bacteria and other micro-organisms. These are particularly useful for treating colds, flu, and sinusitis and work best in the dry, winter months. The steam vapour mist humidifier, however, requires regular cleaning and may cover a smaller area than other types of humidifiers.
  • Cool Mist Humidifier – A cold mist moisturiser does not heat the water but sprays a fine cooling mist that evaporates quickly but humidifies the room. These are effective across a larger area and are best suited to hot, arid climates. These also make it easier to breathe. The filters of these types of humidifiers need regular changing because the cold moisture makes for an easy mold build up. These are also slightly noisier than other types of air humidifiers.
  • Air Washers – Air washers are usually used to cover the entire household or office area. They suck in the air, clean and purify it, add humidity by imparting moisture and return it to the environment. These also release air with cool mist. The maintenance of these air washers, however, requires care and time. The humidifier and the tank both require regular cleaning. Also, it is best to use distilled water in these units as their filters are unable to keep out the minerals in regular tap water.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier – The ultrasonic humidifier emits micro-fine mist through a metal diaphragm that vibrates at ultrasonic speed. Unlike other air humidifiers, this one comes fitted with a fan that drives out the air with such fine droplets that these evaporate instantly. The ultrasonic humidifier comes in hot or cool options and can be picked according to the user’s requirement. The greatest advantage of ultrasonic humidifiers is that it requires minimal or no maintenance.

The best type of humidifier for you will, however, depend on your needs and the weather conditions of your location apart from the availability.

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