5 Factors You Want To Know About Selling Used Cell Phones Online

Times are hard at present and who does not wish some pounds in their wallet? An easy and fast way to make some money online with least efforts is to sell used mobile phones. If you are somebody like me you will have a few used mobile phones without chargers lying at corners and  may be no idea if the cell phones in working condition or not. Well these used and second hand cell phones can be increasing your balance in bank at no price to you and minimum efforts.

1. Price Comparison Factor 

There are a lot of online sites offering to purchase you second hand cell mobiles it it’s in working condition or not, however ensure you know them all therefore you can get the reasonable price. It is recommended to visit SellMyPhone website for getting best price of your old mobile phone. Good still, make use of a comparison website and observe the price of working and non working of cell phones before you hand over to selling your handset.  Selling your cell phone on the internet is very quick the easy, it’s not anything like selling a cell phone on any auction or bid websites, all you do simply type in the mobile handset model in search bar and if using a price comparison site determine the working and faulty cell phones prices on all accessible companies, then simply select the maximum price for you.

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2. Offer Free Postage Cover

Well, the site that you select to sell your handset with will usually provide you a free postage cover and when they collect your cell phone, they will send you a cheque. Just as that!

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3. Category of Cell Phone

Usually the cell phone has to start and the screen is clear for it to be categorized as a functioning model to sell, a leaking screen or damaged model or if the cell phone does not even turn on, then that would usually be categorized as a non functioning mobile phone.

4. Encourage Your Friends

Why not put up for sale your mobile phone? If you do not own any spare cell phone around then of course you will know of somebody who just wants to eliminate some dusty and clutter cell phones, you will be shocked how much some cell phones sell for. I until now have sold 4 cell phones making use of two different online sites that I have located through a price comparison website on the internet and I have not made a lot of bucks however enough to cover a weekly shop or night out.

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5. Other Benefits

The advantages of selling a cell phone online are quick and ease of discovering the best prices obtainable at that time with no hassle. Making use of comparison website will surely be the best option for anybody, as the all working and non functioning cell phones prices are whole in one site and there is no need to look for through Google.

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