5 Reasons You Need An Insect Screen In Your Home

Fly screen fitted outside patio doors
Fly screen fitted outside patio doors

A healthy, clean and hygienic home is on every persons wish list, which is possible not only by keeping it spick and span but also by keeping away disease causing insects, flies and mosquitoes. The only way to keep them away while enjoying the added benefits of fresh air and available natural light is through the use of Insect Screens.

5 Reasons You Need An Insect Screen In Your Home

The summer months bring with them the constant worry of maintaining a home that feels fresh and clean without the added nuisance of flying insects, flies and mosquitoes. The warmer weather accentuates the growth of these buzzing pests and the only way of physically solving this problem is by the use of insect screens fitted at all home openings like doors, windows, ventilators, etc. that also serve the following advantages:-

1) Insect screens are available in the market in all shapes and sizes, and can be customized to fit the doors, windows and other openings in your home perfectly. Try as they might to get in, the unwanted bugs and pests will not be able to go past an insect screen to create havoc in your home!

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5 Reasons You Need An Insect Screen In Your Home

2) One of the major advantages of insect screens is that it helps to cut down on electricity consumption during the peak summer months, when power cut outs are a serious problem. While the use of fans and air conditioners cannot be totally avoided, insect screens help you to keep your home’s doors and windows open to take advantage of the draughty summer air to naturally cool down your home interiors slightly.

3) When doors and windows are kept open, there is cross and through ventilation of rooms in the house that helps to get rid of stale air that causes grogginess. The inlets of fresh air rejuvenate an individual due to the extra oxygen in the house being pumped through sir circulation.

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5 Reasons You Need An Insect Screen In Your Home

4) Houses need to breathe as well, and if there is no regular circulation of outside air inside the house through open doors and windows, it causes serious issues of dampness, mould and mildew in the house at tricky corners, which may then require expensive corrective treatments and building activity to combat it. Dampness in the house also creates severe negative impacts on human health, causing allergies, asthma, etc. so it’s imperative to prevent it at any cost.

5) The case of health and hygiene bills and expenses aside, insect screens that are properly fitted to doors and windows alleviate the overall “look” of a home.

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Thus it is clear that having well fitted insect screens for your houses doors and windows helps you to maintain a clean, hygienic and germ-free and insect-free house while keeping the interiors fresh, light and airy and adding to the visual and physical properties of the house.

Simplify this tricky procedure, have professionals from McCoy Fly Screens come in and do a bang up job of fixing the insect screens at your home that you can choose from a wide range of products available, from insect nets for doors to roller fly screens for windows, showing on our website. Which screen type do you prefer for your home?

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