5 Things You Must Do Before Leaving Your Office On Friday

5 Things You Must Do Before Leaving Your Office On Friday

As many say ‘life starts on Friday evening”, many employees become slack as the working day approaches to end. Their main concern becomes the late night movie plans and weekend trip instead of documents on their computers. However, the successful professionals doing jobs in Pakistan adopt few practices before leaving their desk on the Friday evening.

Here are five things you must do to have a fast and productive Monday.

  1. Make your schedule: If you have a meeting planned on Monday, inform all the participants through email and inform them the meeting agenda. Similarly arrange a meeting with a perspective client.  Friday afternoon is a slow time for work so choose the tasks which are not very important and can be easily performed.
  2. Do some networking: Feeling slow at work, make some calls. If you are doing an executive jobs in Pakistan, then call the fellow executives who have done business with you in the past. Get connected with fellow experts and discuss with them the latest developments in the field, these small talks will help you grow professionally and will make you updated in the field as well.
  3. Clean your desktop: During the busy days of the week, we can hardly get time to look at the pile of papers lying on our table. This is the best time to arrange those things as well. A clean and organized desk increases your productivity at work. Cleaning your desk on the Friday evening office you a bright productive Monday morning.
  4. Mark the calendar for next week: During the last minutes in office before the weekend, check your plans for Monday or even broader the entire week. Mark the clients you have scheduled meetings with during the next week. Do a little research about them. Do you have any conference to attend or any gathering which is important for your career growth, mark them. This will give you a clear head in the next week.
  5. Using Friday after in this way will have multiple effects on you. It will teach you to utilize them in a precious way. It will make you think for a long term and makes you a good planner. Moreover, it will help you get successful in your career and business without asking you much to do.
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