5 Ways accountants can save you money

As a small business owner, there are various responsibilities loaded on to your shoulders. One such would be managing your business finances —at times seems to be a perplexing task. Don’t let these handling of excess responsibilities lurk you in channelizing the ways of saving most of your business money in the longer-run?

It’s better to reduce your burden by delegating some of your financial responsibilities to be taken care of by capable accountants. These accountants not only handle your finances well but can guide you the most suitable methods for keeping your finances under your control. It’s very well understandable that it takes a blink of an eye to lose your money and a huge amount of pain to earn it back.

Don’t worry but rest all your hopes on to our professional team at Nexa Accountants, who will deploy cutting edge-technology to raise the level of your understanding to propel your business growth from new enterprises to established business.

This article is going to throw light on several aspects one needs to focus on. Let’s check out:

# 1. Tax advice

Tax regulations can be an entanglement and it seems to be a daunting task for you to stay abreast of all changes to the law, especially when it comes to your changes in tax position depending on the structure of your business- self-employed, limited company or otherwise.

What to do now?

Seek the professional guidance of our tax accountants which can come to your rescue each year. Yes, they will be by your side in advising you the most tax-efficient plan which is beneficial for your business. Our team can help you stay on top of your tax deadlines.

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Moreover, if there would be any penalties for late submission which are smaller than others, they all get added up and ultimately this money would be invested for the betterment of your business.

# 2. Cash flow and financial forecasting

Having a sound control over your costs and a good bookkeeping function can make the small business owners sleep comfortably at nights. But what if an unexpected crisis outsmarts your cash flow? Well, this is a sign of poor cash management which needs to ponder upon.

To deal with, get in touch with diligent accountants who can be the watchdog for you in giving you better estimates of your finances. It means you will get a rolling forecast of your cash flow which keeps you updated on your cash position and help you sort out issues in good time.

By gauging your cash flow position, you can easily predict with the help of our accountants your overheads within a three-month time frame.  You can also know the cost of rent, rates, and insurance etc. along with the staff wages which are fixed for the time being.

As cash is the “king” of the business and rolling of cash through your business denotes the lifeline of your business urges for the discipline in you to keep your cash flow updated each week. It means you can better judge how your business works and which operational areas need working that drains cash from your business.

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The answer is simple. Keep your focus on the grey areas will help generate liquidity and solvency of your business and ultimately it put your all worries at bay.

# 3. Growing your business

Use the accountant’s experience on the board to keep your business growing as they have seen many businesses growing from start-ups to established profit makers. They help you out to identify the key parameters where you can work with your most valuable clients to monitor your growth and set realistic targets.

Therefore, taking the right steps would be essential to find out the difference between boosting your profits and reducing your business development and potential investments.

The following points have been observed in a survey conducted:

  • 46% increase in profit margin has been seen when small businesses work with a business coach.
  • 42% of the small businesses don’t work with a business coach.

Overall the statistics show that there has been a tremendous opportunity for our clients to gain a potential lead over their competitors.

Determine the best package with your capable accountants that can not only stand out from the crowd but can make you more successful than your competitors.

#4. Freeing up your time

Is your accountant capable of setting you free by managing your finances on their own? If not, then give them such responsibilities which can help you to concentrate on client relationships while they’ll get busy in going through your books and keeping you on top of your tax deadlines.

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# 5. Stamping out mistakes

Do you know many of the business owners don’t have skills to keep up with basic finance administration? From there, your accountants take charge of your finance administration.

Having a professional accountant can streamline your finances when they go through your paperwork and ensure that you aren’t fined for simple slip-ups.

This is also applicable to claiming expenses, not only saves your money in places you hadn’t considered but also narrows down the scope to the zero level of your chances of being fined.

Your accountant not only performs the bookkeeping activity for you but also develop a business plan for you. Also, your accountant can help you cut the unnecessary cost here and there but also make long-term adjustments that will help you save money.


Hiring a good accountant can help you save money in surprising ways. The key activities include:

  • Giving you tax advice whether you’re self-employed, limited company or a contractor.
  • Bookkeeping activities.
  • Recording every slip.
  • Tax filing with HMRC before the deadline.
  • Adding up very small penalties (if any) and investing further in your business.
  • Give you financial estimates in advance so you can solve all petty issues at the earliest.
  • Work on the grey areas to help improve the liquidity and solvency of your business.
  • Developing your business plan.
  • Identify the parameters where you can work with your valuable clients and grow your business.
  • Cut the odd cost (unnecessary expenditure) and put your money wisely invested in the business.
  • Make long-term adjustments to help you save money.

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