6 Best Recipes For Black Masks

Home-made black facial masks are no less effective than store masks, so you should not doubt whether to take them for cooking yourself.

All the ingredients can be easily bought at the pharmacy (activated charcoal, cosmetic black clay and therapeutic mud). The main condition is that all components are fresh, otherwise they will not be able to “work” in full force. There is no shortage in the recipes of black masks, so you can start the procedure of activated charcoal skin lightening right at home.

Black masks in home cosmetology – a huge amount. In addition to classic recipes, there are a variety of variations. Clay, dirt, activated charcoal – all three products are in their own way universal, as they are able to combine with almost any product or oil. Hence the variety of recipes. However, remember that each additional component gives the tool certain properties

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1) Classical activated charcoal mask

Powdered activated carbon (3-4 tablets), diluted with filtered water or milk at room temperature to such a consistency that a sufficiently thick gruel was formed. Mask is better to try initially on the T-zone. Keep reading http://www.naturalbeautytheblog.com/black-masks-deep-skin-care/

2) Activated charcoal with gelatin

Powdered activated carbon (1 tablet), mixed with gelatin (1 teaspoonful of tea), add cold milk (2 teaspoons). Stir thoroughly, warm in a microwave for about 15 seconds, cool.

3) Activated charcoal with black clay

Powdered activated carbon (1 tablet), mixed with black cosmetic clay (1 teaspoon of tea), add warm milk (1 tablespoon of table), pour gelatin powder (1 teaspoon of tea), leave for 15 minutes.

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4) Activated charcoal with rose water

Powder the activated charcoal (1 tablet), dilute with rose water (2 tablespoons), and add the essential oil of tea tree (a couple of drops).

5) Activated charcoal with yoghurt

Powdered activated charcoal (1 tablet), mixed with natural yogurt without dyes and all kinds of fruit and berry additives (2 table spoons), pour lemon fresh juice (1 teaspoon of tea).

6) Activated charcoal with aloe

Powdered activated carbon (2 tablets), mixed with fresh aloe juice (1 teaspoonful of tea), add sea salt (incomplete 1 teaspoon of tea), essential oil of tea tree (a couple of drops), dilute all this with plain water (1 tablespoon of a dining room).

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One of the most unusual cosmetic products is a black face mask, since, despite its unattractive appearance, it has an excellent cleansing effect on the skin.

Clearing clogged and clogged with various deposits of pores, it helps to get rid of acne, black spots, acne – all that can ruin a person at any age. Despite the different, sometimes even opposite, reviews about the black mask for the face, it’s worth trying. If there is no confidence in the store variant of the product, it is always possible to prepare a home-made alternative composition from natural ingredients. Perfect clean skin is far from a myth: see for yourself the example of black masks for the skin of the face.

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