7 Features Of Coffee Machine People Miss Out During Purchase

Coffee brewers to make coffee are very useful in one’s life. When one gets up in the morning, themachine can get the daily cup of caffeine ready beforehand. This saves time and delivers good quality coffee giving a kick start to the day. However, a coffee machine can be a very useful investment. Here are a few features that one should look for in such a machine, features that one might miss easily during purchase.

1. Integrated Bean Grinder

This is not a typical feature not usually found in a coffee machine and this feature also comes at a price. This grinder is able to just grind out enough coffee that is needed to make a pot full. This means that a person can grind and brew just the right strength of the coffee and just the right amount without any wastage.

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2. Permanent Coffee Filter

When one buys a coffee brewer one has to regularly change the filter at regular intervals depending on the use. This means that there is a cost regularly. Instead one can buy a permanent coffee filter made out of metal or a plastic. Although the upfront costs are high but a permanent filter works out cheaper in the long run. The taste will also be better as compared to the normal paper filters.

3. Built in Water Filters

The coffee machines these days have water filters that can remove the taste of iron and chlorine from the water that is being used in the coffee filter. The coffee brewers these days are already fitted with these filters but these filters are expensive.

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4. Touchscreen Controls

The touch screen controls make it easier to use the coffee brewers. One can select the required options from the LCD display screens rather than use from a slew of dials and switches. It is also easy to use in the dark. Even people not familiar with the machine can make coffee using it.

5. Auto Off Feature

When the coffee is ready, the machine will automatically turn off. This not only reduces the wear and tear of the coffee machine heating element but also reduces the electricity usage.

7 Features Of Coffee Machine People Miss Out During Purchase

6. Pause and Serve Capability

Often one needs to remove the coffee pot even when the brewing is not complete. This means that the coffee may drip oven and damage the coffee filter. However the coffee brewers these days have the closing caps that can protect the heating plate at the bottom. Once the pot is removed these caps close automatically to protect the heating element below.

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7. Compatibility with Coffee Pods

While most of the machines these days are compatible with all kinds of coffee flavours and powders, there are certain machines that are also compatible with coffee pods. The advantage of pods is that they make the coffee richer and tastier. The latest models of coffee machines have the ability to process the coffee pods too and one does not need to think before buying these pods.

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