7 Killer Marketing Ideas For Small Business Budget

Online Marketing For Small Businesses 5 Winning Strategies

Many small businesses think that they do not have enough budget for their marketing. But, there are many ways in which they can promote their brand online, without spending lots of money.

Here are few important online marketing ideas which help every small business to get succeed.

  1. Have a website which is optimised for search engines

Having a well optimised website can help you increase your Google ranks, which in turn will help in increasing more visitors and conversions.

  1. Leverage Social media

Social media sites are good way to increase your web traffic. Create your company profiles in important social sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Once the profile is created start sharing your company updates in them. But the important thing to be kept in mind is that it may take 6 months to 1 year for your profile to become popular.

  1. Comment on blogs of other websites
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Reading relevant blogs and commenting on them can make your brand popular. Whenever you comment make sure that you are giving additional information about the blog content and give a link to it. But make sure your website really gives that information to readers. If not the bounce rate of your site will get increased.

  1. Have a dedicated blog for your website

For any kind of business it is important to have a dedicated blog. Blog will try to improve your website traffic which in turn can make that traffic converted as your customers.

  1. Participate in events
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There can be lots of events related to your industry happening around you. Participate in those kinds of events and if possible try speaking there. This can help you get lots of customers.

  1. Have a small business CRM

Many small businesses think that it is a costly affair to have Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. But there are lots of small businesses CRM software available at affordable rates. CRM’s can help in managing your leads in a more strategic way.

  1. Provide Answers to the Questions

There are lots of forums, question and answer sites where people ask lots of questions and suggestions. Try answering to those questions and if it is relevant suggest them about the solution you offer in the form of your product.

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           Conclusion: Marketing is more of creativity rather than money. There are lots of million dollar companies which did their marketing with a least budget. Your business can also do it with lots of creativity adding to it.

Authors Bio: Krishna is a passionate blogger who writes primarily on SEO, Social Media, CRM, Marketing Automation and covers the entire gamut of Marketing. When he is not writing he is found reading articles and blogs written by others.

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