8 Reasons Why Living In Oklahoma Is Amazing

America’s 46th state has made a big impression on its citizens. People who live in Oklahoma wake up every day loving the opportunities and friends they have here. From its diverse ecology to its cheap college education, Oklahoma has several benefits for both families and single people. Listed below are eight reasons why living in Oklahoma is an amazing experience.

1. Affordable Living

Oklahoma City was voted the most affordable city in the United States by Forbes, and the rest of the state follows suit with lots of employment opportunities and cheap living situations. There is a home for everyone here, from cozy trailers and ritzy apartments to affordable houses that you can own.

2. Delicious Barbecue and Burgers

This state is home to some of the most delicious restaurants in the nation. If you live here, you get to sample the very best barbecue and burgers at places like Leo’s BBQ and Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler. Local restaurants make a big splash in every Oklahoma town because they truly care about the quality of the food they serve. Food is Oklahoma’s most precious tradition, and the cooks here certainly uphold this state’s standard of dining.

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3. A Diverse Native American Population

Oklahoma is seen by many as the Native American capital of the United States. There are more tribal headquarters here than in any other state. Native American language is kept alive in Oklahoma with 25 tribal languages spoken throughout the state. Every year, the Native Americans in Oklahoma City celebrate their heritage by participating in the Red Earth Native American Festival.

4. Beautiful Natural Scenery: Waterfalls, Prairie Dogs and More

This state has incredible ecological diversity. From forests and marshlands to prairies and ponds, there is no shortage of gorgeous natural scenery if you are an outdoor enthusiast. Oklahoma has a healthy wildlife population and is home to white-tailed deer, bald eagles, bobcats and other magnificent animals. Places like the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and Natural Falls State Park are popular spots for Oklahoma’s resident nature lovers.

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5. A Rich History

Oklahoma’s name is derived from Choctaw Language terms that mean “red people.” Although the Native Americans who lived here were initially persecuted, Oklahoma’s natives persevered and now have many museums and other historic spots to honor their ancestor’s memories. The Oklahoma History Center and Cherokee Heritage Center are two great places where residents and tourists alike can learn more about the state’s history.

6. Less Traffic

The state of Oklahoma has an easily navigated street layout. Two major interstates run through Oklahoma City and can be followed to go almost anywhere in the country. The famous Route 66 is also in Oklahoma. Streets here are simple to follow, and because of this, commute times are always cut down for Oklahoma residents.

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7. Affordable Education for Your Family

Oklahoma’s public schools are mostly high-quality as the state is working on reducing dropout rates. Colleges here are very affordable in comparison to educational institutions in other states. The University of Oklahoma is just one option that was approved by Princeton as a contender in the list of best value universities.

8. Friendly Locals

The best part about living in Oklahoma is the friendliness of the locals. Everyone here cares about each other and has a warm heart. People politely acknowledge you and smile when you walk by on the sidewalk. Because of the diverse population, Oklahoma residents are tolerant to all types of new people.

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