A Shopper’s Guide to the Capital of Bengal – Kolkata

Kolkata brings with it life, luxury and elegance. The city has a lot to offer from a cultural aspect as well, as many artefacts and architectural structures are well preserved even today. That includes much of the shopping districts in the city as well.

Travellers can find authentic footwear, apparel and dresses that are indigenous to the area. They shop till they’re satisfied and enjoy fine seafood cuisines at some of the best restaurants in Kolkata.

Nowhere in India can you find accessories and clothes that are replicas to that in Kolkata. Its unique charm brings with it a sense of wonder and excitement.

Start with booking a quality accommodation

If you’ve never stayed in Kolkata before, then you should know why quality accommodations can make all the difference. There may be a lot of walking required as you go from one store to the next. Shopping in Kolkata is a rich cultural experience as you dine on street-food in between finding local deals.

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Some of the top 5 star hotels near Kolkata airport, like The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata, have an extensive breakfast spread that will help energize you on your way to shopping havens. The city has many winding roads where you will have to walk a lot to fully explore.

Visit the popular spots

The Sprawling New Market, or Hogg’s Market, is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the city. It’s the oldest market in Kolkata with more than 4000 shops spread across a wide zone. You can scout the best deals by booking a small guided tour. The tour can give you more insight into what stores are best for your needs.

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For handicrafts, Dakshinapan Shopping Centre is a good option as well. Everything there is authentic to Kolkata’s rich cultural legacy. For buying some classic tea options, few stores compare to Mahabodhi Tea Company. The outlet has some of the best tea in the country and is a connoisseur’s delight in the capital.

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Going deeper in the city

Bara Bazaar is an older market in Kolkata that has some great deals in art and accessories. Travellers come from around the world to take a walk through it. If you love Terracotta items, then Chowringhee Road is a good option to explore. You need to spend some time here, as you’ll find some great finds by digging deeper.

Middleton Row & Lindsay Street are some great places to find accessories, jewellery and home décor options. They’re cost-effective and allow first-time travellers a quintessential look into the beauty of the city. You can also find some local artwork to go along with your home interiors shopping.

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