All About GranBlue

In Cardfight Vanguard Clans, the Granblue is a powerful clan from the nation of Magallanica. It is themed around undead pirates and other undead creatures like zombies and ghosts. The main focus of Granblue is getting superior calling units from the drop zone. Occasionally, they also get superior ride units. Many Granblue units are capable of pulling cards from the deck and putting them in the drop zone.

Strategies for Playing

It is not easy to use Granblue. In fact, it is easy to screw it up, so you need to think well before playing this clan. This deck makes your play more offensive. While playing, you should keep an eye on your deck count. You will lose if you deck out. Use SB if you feel that it is necessary. And when you are presented with the option to ‘Drop’ cards, good choices include Deadly Nightmare, Deadly Swordmaster, Samurai Spirit, Death Seeker, Deadly Spirit, and Thanatos.

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Granblue is one of the trickier decks to play against, because of its flexibility which allows you to change your formations quickly. But how does it fair against other clans?

Granblue: Difficulty Level

Many players feel that it is difficult to build and play Granblue in Vanguard Cardfight. Since this clan is based on synergy with other cards, one wrong move can spoil your chances of winning. It is not easy to master Granblue. Thanks to its synergistic nature, it allows you to sprinkle many cards into other builds at one or two copies.

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Some bizarre Winning Images in the game can be attributed to Granblue. For example, have you thought about running 1 copy of only 4 Grade 3s? How about 1 Grade 3 total? In addition, have you thought about spamming those soulblasting cards or running ten critical triggers and two stand triggers? Yes, this sounds pretty weird, but this is what Granblue does.

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