Best Strategies To Avert Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Best Strategies To Avert Alcohol and Substance Abuse

During recent years, it has been observed that the consumption of alcohol has been increased to a greater extent since last few years. The main reason behind this is the increased stress and less social life of the people, especially those who are working in big industries and are far away from their home. This is ultimately resulting into the alcohol addiction as well as substance abuse, mostly for those who are leading a stressful life.

As a result it becomes important to take important steps in order to avert the drug abuse as well as excessive use of the alcohol among the people for increasing the chances of living a long, healthy as well as productive life. After having a deep study on the excessive use of alcohol, the man camp by has revealed that the use of alcohol can be in the form of binge drinking, drinking while pregnant, underage drinking as well as alcohol-impaired driving that is responsible for adversely affecting the health of people, especially working employees.

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Best Strategies To Avert Alcohol and Substance Abuse

By preventing or averting the drug abuse including the excessive use of alcohol would help in improving the quality of the life, workplace productivity, academic performance as well as military preparedness. Numerous other benefits can be resulted from this such as lower rate in crime as well as criminal justice expenses, low health care costs for the acute as well as chronic conditions, and reduced motor vehicle crashes and fatalities. So what definite strategies could be adopted in order to prevent the alcohol and substance abuse is listed below:

  • Major Recommendations:The most common recommendations that the government, organizations, as well as people, should follow are listed below:

ü  Identifying the alcohol and other drug abuse disorders during early stage and providing brief intervention, referral as well as treatment.

ü  Implementing and enforcing alcohol control policies and getting support for the local, tribal, state and territorial implementation.

ü  Lowering down the inappropriate access as well as the use of prescription drugs.

  • Strategies for Businesses and Employers:The best strategies that can be followed by businesses and employers are listed below:
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ü  Adding the substance disorder benefits with the health coverage along with encouraging the employees for taking advantage of these services.

ü  Implementing different training programs for all the staff members including owners and managers for building appropriate knowledge as well as services that are related with beverage services.

  • Strategies for Tribal, State, Local and Territorial Governments:The most common strategies that can be adopted by the tribal, state, local and territorial governments for preventing alcohol and substantial abuse are:

ü  Implementing or strengthening the prescription drug monitoring programs.

ü  Installing ignition interlocks in the vehicles for those who are convicted of the alcohol afflicted driving.

ü  Implementing different strategies for preventing HIV transmission, hepatitis or other kinds of infectious disease that are associated with drug use.

  • Strategies for Community, Non-Profit, and Faith-Based Organizations: Major strategies that can be adopted by the community, non-profit and faith-based organizations for reducing the alcohol and substance abuse are:
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ü  Increasing the awareness on the proper storage as well as disposal of the prescription medications

ü  Supporting the implementation and the enforcement of the alcohol and drug control policies.

ü  Taking appropriate steps for with the media outlets as well as retailers those who market drug abuse to youth.

  • Strategies for Individuals and Families:Other common strategies that can be followed by the individuals and families can include the following:

ü  Avoiding the use of illegal drugs or the misuse of the prescribed medications after seeking necessary help from the doctors.

ü  Not to drive after consuming alcohol as it can lose control from operating the motor vehicle.

ü  Not sharing prescribed drugs with others.

Thus, these were some of the major strategies that can be adopted in order to prevent the alcohol as well as substance abuse.

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