Boost Business Flexibility and Cost-Efficiency With Managed Hosted PBX Services

Economical shifts have had businesses across America scrambling to find ways to curb spending, and, although communications services are a necessary cost it is also one of the easiest areas for businesses to explore reduced spending by migrating to managed hosted PBX services and other voice over IP solutions.

The best hosted PBX systems deliver exactly what they promise – exceptional communications services for a fraction of the cost of traditional premise-based PBX solutions. Why is this? Instead of procuring costs of bulky premise-based phone equipment, and the costs incurred with ongoing system and software upgrading and maintenance fees, PBX providers host and manage the system offsite at their location and deliver services via the ‘cloud.’ This means that businesses benefit from impressive, enterprise-grade features, like those available by conventional methods, only they save by not having to invest in and manage and maintain a complex telecommunications system.

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The benefits of Hosted PBX Solutions

Piggy-backing on the immensely forward-thinking technology and processes of VoIP means many great things for businesses deploying hosted PBX solutions. The most common advantages include:

Reassignment of Physical Space and Operating Capital

Previously, in order to have a PBX system, a business was required to give up space (often in the form of a phone closet) to house a bulky and hard to manage system. Nowadays, hosted solutions providers house, manage and maintain the entire system offsite. This means that there is no onsite hardware to worry about or to invest capital into. It also means no difficult to service parts, no software to upgrade and no need to dispatch a technician every time something for array.

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More Efficient Calling Platforms

Since hosted PBX systems operate on a voice over IP (VoIP) platform, most businesses enjoy free local and long distance calling, which allows them to see instant savings in the form of greatly reduced phone bills. In fact, studies have indicated that the majority of businesses who’ve deployed VoIP or VoIP-based solutions have been able to effectively reduce their communications charges by more than 60%! Hosted PBX systems also provide free inter-company calling options, meaning that businesses with multiple locations can enjoy free calling between offices, regardless of where they are located.

Maximum Flexibility and Unsurpassed Scalability

It used to be that businesses would blindly invest in communications systems and run the risk of the system outgrowing its usefulness if they grew too quickly, or *gasp* being stuck with an overly expensive system in the event the company had to downsize. This is no longer the case as hosted solutions are designed to flex and grow with the company. Adding or removing lines or users is often as simple as plugging in a handset or making a few simple adjustments in the online web portal.

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Keep your Same Phone Number, 800-number, etc

Hosted PBX service allows for number portability and gives businesses the option to utilize 800-calling numbers, or to select from various area codes in order to maintain or establish a local presence.

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