Botox Courses For Dentists?

You might not normally think of your dentist when you think of Botox. However, a recent survey actually showed that two out of three dentists were actually in favor of having the permission to offer dermal fillers and Botox. While a select few feel that Botox should only be a serviced offered by dentists when it’s means for therapeutic dental solutions (like TMJ), most feel that the option should be available for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes (see our new Online Botox Training For Physicians & Medical Professionals).

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Any why shouldn’t dentists have this ability? They are educated and well-versed in head and neck anatomy and trained to administer injections. Some dentists already offer particular cosmetic dental procedures and understand the facial nerves more than most doctors; aside from plastic surgeons.

Proper training is typically the main requirement for being able to administer Botox. Certain states have medical professionals that provide dermal fillers and Botox, however they have undergone the proper training. There is only a handful of dentists trained to use Botox; less than 10%. However, that number is starting to increase.

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In addition, while more dentists that are starting to offer Botox, more therapeutic uses for Botox are being discovered. Botox could even become the answer for relieving pain in patients of bruxism, TMJ and facial pain in general.

The general use for Botox is to eliminate those unsightly wrinkles and obtain a more youthful appearance. However, using Botox around the nose and mouth areas could actually benefit the dental industry for patients wearing retainers and braces by incorporating Botox with the treatments already in place by the orthodontist to help keep teeth straight.

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This course will not only teach you about Botox, it will also help you learn how it can be used with cosmetic dentistry procedures to create even better smiles for patients. Everything you learn from this course can be put into action right away at your own practice and because it’s taught by general dentists like you, you know it will directly relate to your own practice.

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