Bryan Adams and His New Album Get Up!

Who is Bryan Adams?

Bryan Adams is a Canadian music legend who launched his music career on February 1980 with release of his self titled debut album “Bryan Adams” on A&M Records. Before he had been touring, recording demos and also working as a studio musician. But when he formed song writing partnership with Jim Vallance – a drummer – things changed. He never released his first album in the US initially even though he released “Hiding from Love” as a single and it reached number 43 on dance chart. Therefore he gathered a backup band and embarked on the first ever Canadian tour. He spent four months playing colleges and clubs. His other albums include ‘You Want it, You Got it’, ‘Cuts Like a Knife’, ‘Reckless’, ‘Into the Fire’, ‘Live! Live! Live!’ and ‘WalkingUp the Neighbors’. Recently he has also released a new album, Get Up!

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His Music Background

Bryan Adams has celebrated the 30th anniversary in music. He started his career in 1980. He was given a guitar at age 10 and bough this first electric guitar at age 11. At age 14, he moved to Vancouver where he began performing as a guitarist. At the age 15 he leftschool and joined a band. And in the band he worked as a backup singer. In 1977, he met Jim Vallance and the two formed a partnership. They both worked as song writers and several artists covered most of their songs. A&M received some of his demos and signed him for a recording contract. By then, he was at age 18. Since then, he has managed to record 13 albums. Bryan Adams will remain the icon in the music industry for many years to come.

In 1990, he joined some other guests for the Roger Waters’ massive performance. Further, he has participated in many charity projects including Green peace’s Saving the Whales or the Amnesty International. He also participated in the Canada’s Benefit Concert for the victims of Tsunami.

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Furthermore, Adams music career includes several duets and collaborations. For instance with Sarah Mc Lachlan in ‘Don’t Let Go’, Tina Tuner in ‘Its Only Love’ and Chicane in ‘Don’t Give Up’ and the ‘All for Love’ collaboration.

What are his Achievements and Success?

One of his most popular successes is the album ‘Waking Up the Neighbors’ which he did in 1991. The album recorded by Mutt Lange featured the ballad – Everything I Do, I Do It for You. The song was a huge number hit around the globe. Some other sound tracks include ‘Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?’ and ‘All for Love’. Bryan Adams has been nominated for three Academy Awards. He is inducted in Canada’s Walk of Fame. He is a member of the Order of British Columbia and Order of Canada. And in 1998 he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.

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His New Album Get Up!

This is the 13th Bryan Smith’s studio album which he released physically on 2nd October 2015 in New Zealand and Australia. The Universal Music will release the album worldwide on 16th October 2015. The producer of the Album is Jeff Lynne and Bryan co-wroteit with his collaborator of a long time Jim Vallance. The album contains 13 songs with four a coustic versions and nine new songs. The first single in the album has a video shot and also directed by Bryan himself in black and white photography style.

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