Buying Traffic Correctly Never Harms Google Ranking

Buying traffic does not harm search ranking or earn search penalty. However, you have to be certain that you buy good traffic. Good traffic indicates organic traffic, which can be beneficial for your website. It can attain wide exposure to sell your products.

Alternatively, bad traffic just inflates your hit rates but does not bring any genuine benefit. In addition, bad traffic can probably come from detrimental sources that can penalize your site.

Traffic buying sector is filled with black-hat techniques and scams, but it is necessary to get an insight of bad and good traffic.

Attributes of Bad Traffic

  • Your hits get inflated artificially essentially through robots or from 3rd world visitors paid to visit your website several times daily.
  • Even if you get hits from different IP addresses, you cannot benefit because robots do not explore sites.
  • Organic users read CTA and convert but 3rd world paid traffic don’t.
  • Links can hurt your site because they may originate from network of substandard blogs, which Google marks as negative.
  • If your website is invaded with bad backlinks then Google detects it and flags it as spam
  • You can earn Penguin penalty, which can take time to get back on route
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Paying for Good Traffic

  • Good traffic is basically more expensive
  • It imitates organic traffic
  • Users are potentially interested to buy your traffic
  • They explore your website, read CTA and possibly convert

In short, good traffic is instigated from actual organic users but you paid for their presence. It is similar to running an ad campaign like PPC. You invest funds in traffic that comes to your site explores and may possibly convert. As soon as you stop paying, the traffic drifts off.

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Genuine traffic sellers use their own proven method and network to run an ad campaign. They hardly make use of robots or deliver spam links towards your website. Instead, the spend time in split-testing ads. The key benefit of buying traffic legally ensues that it is driven from existing, quality websites related to your niche. Basically, you are paying for unique network of websites, which are not used for ad campaigns.

Traffic Buying and Google

You may be concerned about being penalized by Google because you are buying traffic. Remember, Google does not care how much hits you get every month, so they don’t bother, if you waste funds on bad traffic. They only care if you are buying bad links, which is legally SEO factor.

How Google differentiates Purchased and Organic Traffic?

Telltale sign of robots refreshing page can be easily seen but it is ignored. Paid good traffic imitates organic traffic, which is hard to detect. To identify it, Google has to detect the site that sells traffic, discover the sites that buy traffic and go through cross-reference process of users visiting each website. This is a complex task even for Google.

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Buying Valid Traffic is Fine

Buying traffic from sites using Adsense is not completely banned in accordance to a quote from Google. You can promote your website in any way that fulfills Google’s program policies. Adsense publishers are responsible for traffic invading their sites in the end. So if you select to associate with 3rd party service for increasing your website traffic, it is suggested to monitor the reports minutely to measure the effect of each source on your ad traffic.

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