Cannabis Of One Of The Oldest Recorded Medicines

The oldest recorded references to marijuana was as a medicinal device that could induce anesthetic responses in patients when combined with wine, and these references are almost 3,000 years old. Yet one of the major knocks on cannabis medicinally and otherwise is that it has not been safely tested for human consumption. In this 3,000 plus year history, there are no deaths contributed solely to the use of marijuana. More people die from drinking too much water every year than occurs from the imbibing or consumption of marijuana.

This 3,000-year-old reference was from old Chinese writings and is only the oldest recorded history confirmed. Marijuana as a useful plant actually predates written language in many cases. Additionally, legal prescription drugs kill more people than all illicit drugs combined according to government studies, but marijuana has been classified by the American government as one of the most dangerous drugs available.

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The entire public legal and justice system that is leveled against marijuana is race based discrimination designed to fill for-profit prisons, and a way to penalize minorities by overzealous and over- militarized police enforcement agencies across the country when many studies reveal no particular race utilizes marijuana more than another.

Further studies reveal that the reason that minorities show up in the system more is that they are over-policed, and if law enforcement targets any one race that action has the effect of falsely portraying that race as more criminalized when exactly the opposite is true. Additionally, one of the most significant, medically valuable components of marijuana or hemp is CBD and it is derived from strains that are almost completely devoid of THC which is the psychoactive component of marijuana, and CBD has no psychoactive component at all.

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It is also necessary to point put that even in its earliest uses 30 centuries ago, it was as a medicine, and law enforcement almost unequivocally denies its medicinal use as a legitimate reason to utilize marihuana, and they consider that the whole medical marijuana meme is a ruse to utilize marijuana for pleasure. Additionally, in the 1930s, there were several medical marijuana products available, and they were produced by companies that are legitimately the leaders in prescription and over the counter medicine production today. If they found value as a medicine before the political oppression of marijuana because minorities utilized the drug in the early 1900s and then again in the 50s, 70s and 80s and 90s, then why is it that the government cannot today?

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Even the honeycomb bong that I purchased at is illegal in many states and under federal law completely, but I harmed no one including myself by purchasing and using it. This combined with the pure extracted oils makes for a cool therapeutic smoke that soothes many of my ailments, but I do not apologize that I enjoy the psychoactive properties of the best types of cannabis when smoked on this wonderful bong.

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