Choosing The Right Dining Service For Your Event

Do you want your event to be successful? Whether it’s a wedding reception, a local fundraiser, or a corporate event, providing an exceptional dining service for your guests is a big part to making your event a big hit. Aside from hiring the right catering company and selecting an appropriate menu, you should also consider the type of dining service that’s right for your party. Read on to find out the options that you should consider when it comes to the serving style for your next event.

Buffet Style

This kind of service is ideal for large events like fundraisers and corporate affairs. Here, your guests are the ones who serve themselves and select their food from multiple menu options. Buffet service style is considered as the most casual type of meal service and guests have the chance to chat and mingle while they select their food from a delicious assortment of dishes. Since there’s an array of dishes available, it is easier to satisfy all of your guests, particularly those who are on specific diet restrictions.

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Cocktail Service

This style is particularly popular with bridal showers and wedding receptions. It is also great for events with a casual atmosphere since it gives guests the opportunity to mingle while they taste some tit-bits and share fine cocktails. It is also a good fit for not-so-large events and where the event is a more personal nature. In cocktail style, the catering company staff serves appetizers by laying them out buffet style or passed off by the servers. Meanwhile, drinks are being served by trained bartenders.

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Food Stations

Similar to buffet, food stations bring in a lot of gastronomic thrill to any event. Here, guests are presented with an array of meal choices as several mobile stations such as pasta, tapas, raw bar, dessert, and carving stations, are installed in your event space. As with buffet stations, guests can create their own menu by mixing and matching foods from the stations. The difference is that meals are cooked to order, which means that every guest can get what they want in the way they want it to be prepared.

Plated Dinner

This is the traditional way of dining service. Typically, the catering company features three courses that are served individually by waiters. Two or three entrees are available for guests to choose from, entrees which they select when they RSVP for the event. This dining service is suitable for formal, elegant, and high-end events.

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When selecting the right dining service for your event, your choice will depend on the type of event that you are planning as well as the atmosphere that you want to create. Remember, it’s not just only the menu and the catering company that matters; your dining service is a key component to make your event a success.

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