Creepy Pests On Halloween

This Halloween, you’re probably all set with your scary costumes, themed spooky decorations, parties and trick-or-treat gimmicks. But there are creepy pests who might give you and your visitors a different kind of fright this Halloween, and that’s not something you want. From cockroaches to real spiders, these creepy pests are not the kind of party decoration you want around your house.

Prime Season for Creepy Pests

Halloween might be the time for some spooky fun, but it’s also the time when pest infestations rise. Autumn is the prime season for the spread of many critters. These insects and rodents go look for a good source of warmth as the weather cools, and that source of warmth is your home.

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You might see real spiders, rodents, bats and bed bugs around your home. They could be thriving in your storage spaces, and coming through the cracks and crevices of your house.

Problems with Creepy Pests

Aside from the unexpected fright, these creepy pests also pose legitimate and frightening threats to health.

For example, brown recluse spiders, which you can find in basements, closets and woodpiles, carry toxic venom. Infected bats can spread rabies, and their droppings can also contain disease-causing microorganisms.

And rodents can spread Hantavirus and contaminate food. All of these pests can also gnaw and damage house fixtures like electrical wires.

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Preventing Creepy Pests

Stopping creepy pests from ruining your Halloween is all about good prevention techniques. The key is to stop these pests from coming inside your home.

Start out by covering and sealing all the cracks and crevices around the foundation of your house. Gaps under doors and windows, as well as loose or missing shingles, should be sealed.

Even your foliage needs attention. Trim branches or bushes that come into contact with your house, because that’s a direct route insects and spiders can take to your home. Wood is also a great home for rodents and termites, so if you want to prevent their spread, store your firewood several feet away from the house and several inches off the ground as well. Remember not to leave unsealed food lying around and outside your home. The scent attracts these pests like a beacon.

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If you are unsure of how to identify and treat the creepy pests lurking around this Halloween, it’s still best to contact a licensed pest professional. This way, you’ll be safer from possible health complications from these pests, and you can more confidently manage the problem.

Written by BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care. BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care offers the best service for pest control in Columbia, MO.

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