Curling Short Hairs? The Best Curling Iron For Short Hair Can Do That

Hair styling is very much liked by the ladies for a very long time. They always wish to have specific types of hairs that match their overall styling and having curled hairs is one of them. Heat styling is a simple technique that has been in use for long for changing the hair structure temporarily. Women use curling for ceremonies like weddings, but the best curling iron are not for special occasions. They should be a part of your everyday hair styling routine for boosting your personality.

How Curling Irons Work

Hairs, whatever may be the shape, has the same basic structure. It has follicle that produces hair shaft and its shape causes the hairs to be either straight or curly or in between of the two. The appearance of hairs is also based on keratin, a protein content of the hairs containing hydrogen bonds. When heat is applied on the hairs this bond is broken allowing the hairs to be rearranged.

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Curling Short Hairs

Having short hairs is the biggest hair style trend as of now. Curls can add life and volume to short hairs giving you a break from everyday look. Short hair curls are really bold and attractive but may pose great challenge for creating curls if you do not have the best curling iron for short hair. Most of the women having short hairs feel that their hairs cannot be curled, but with the right tool and technique you can add great curls to your short hairs.

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What to Look for in Best Curling Irons?

When you have short hairs or considering short hair style and desiring to curl it you must look for the following features to find the best curling iron for short hair:

Diameter of the barrel: The best curling iron must be a thinner type as the bigger ones may be too large to wrap the short hairs around. Usually a curling iron with barrel size ¾ to ½ inches is best suitable for curling short hairs for long lasting curls.

Shape of the barrel: This determines the shape of the curls you are going to have. If you wish to have curls that are wider near the scalp and tighter at the ends , a conical shape barrel is the ideal one and for creating the reverse that is wider at the ends and tighter near the scalp, a barrel with reverse cone shape must be used. For having spiral curls in short hairs one must use cylindrical barrels. If you wish to create wide waves in short hairs, you may use a double barreled curling iron.

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Adjustable temperature control: Most of the curling irons can heat up to 250°F and more. As higher temperature damages the hairs if exposed for long time, there should be at least three different temperature levels to choose from.

The Material: ceramic and titanium are the best because these distribute the heat evenly and these materials also generate large quantity of negative ions that result hairs free from frizz.

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