Cycling Expedition – How To Make It A Pleasant Experience

Many people prefer going on an adventure cycling expedition to places with interesting terrains, which gives them an enjoyable and thrilling escapade. Adventure cycling is done on an uneven and treacherous terrain or a long distance is covered on the bicycle. These days, plenty of enthusiasts prefer cycling to different countries in the world. This will not only save money, but it gives them a different experience altogether. You can visit the website to  learn the details about adventure cycling in different parts of the world.

There are number of bike companies, who are engaged in manufacturing and designing various kinds of adventure cycles, which are rugged enough to bear the wear and tear while travelling. These cycles are so designed that they can accommodate plenty of things and also has the capacity to carry extra weight. This feature is quite useful to the cyclists, as they need to carry plenty of things while riding for long distances.

Some of these cycles provide facilities to attach bags in both front as well as back, so that you can carry the extra items on the cycle while travelling. Some cycles have also provision to attach an additional trailer too. Trailer facility is more preferable as that will keep the cycle free from any additional items and it will be more convenient to drive the bike.

People who usually go for adventure cycling either travel in-group or solo. There are many marketing companies, who invite cyclists to travel in a group, so that they may help the companies to promote their new products.  People who prefer to go solo usually travel in order to test their endurance. They carry their luggage along with their tent and cooking equipments. They halt at any convenient place to take rest and resume their cycling. Some people also prefer to stay in hotel that they come across on their way. Both the arrangements are equally good, however people who carry tents and cooking arrangement can save some money.

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Asia and Europe are the most popular destinations, where people prefer to go on adventure cycling. These days, people prefer to explore new exotic locations in South America for their adventure cycling trip. Also, nowadays adventure cyclists can be found in different parts of the world and they are creating new records. There are several enthusiast cyclists, who go on a world tour on their cycle.

It is not a hard and fast rule that adventure cyclist need to travel long distances in order to prove their endurance. One can simply go exploring to an unknown forest and come back. The only purpose of adventure cycling is that people should come out of their home and visit a new place. They enjoy the thrill and have fun too.

People can explore the world in many different ways and cycling is just one way to travel around the world. As compared to car or any other motorized vehicle, you can travel in cycle at slower pace and learn about the new place in a better way. You can travel by cycle at any age and all that is needed is a good cycle with proper gear arrangement.

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Few Tips to Make the Cycling Experience More Pleasant

As mentioned above cycle tours are no doubt give you lots of adventure and fun. You can get the thrill of visiting various new destinations at reasonable costs. If you want to see any historical place, visit spots that have beautiful panorama or any national park then you can just take your cycle and embark on your journey in either a group or solo. If you follow the below mentioned tips during your cycling tour, your journey will be more exciting and pleasant.

  • Select the Right Kind of Bicycle for your Journey

In the market, you will get different varieties of bicycle, each of them are designed to meet certain specific purposes. If you want to travel long distances then it is necessary that the wheelbase of your cycle must be large enough, so that it can bear heavy amount of load. You should choose your cycle, so that it can travel on road as well as on rough terrains without causing any problem. The weight of your cycle must be less, so that you feel convenient to carry it along. You must also see that the cycle you choose is within your budget.

  • Luggage and Bags

In order to carry your essential items you must use panniers. There is enough space available for you to carry your water, snacks, foods, bottles, first aid kits, clothes, tool kits, toiletries, cooking kit and various other camping items. You need not carry your backpack while driving your cycle. The entire heavier items must be placed at the bottom while lighter items must be placed at the top while you do your packing. You cannot avoid certain extra items sometimes, but try to avoid unnecessary overloading.

  • Spare Parts and Tool Kit
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During an emergency situation you may need certain spare parts and therefore you must also carry your tool kit along with you. Some of the essential spare parts are spare tire and tube, tire levers, repair kit for tube, cables, screwdrivers etc.

  • Accommodation

Either you can prefer to stay in a hotel or you must make necessary arrangement for camp as per the available budget. In order to know about hotel accommodation, you can search on the internet to know their address and location. If you can make advance hotel reservation then it would be convenient. However, if you are planning to camp then you must carry all your camping gear, which can be easily fitted in smaller space. You must have sleeping bag and sleeping pillow along with you.

  • Build You Stamina

This is the most important point. You must build enough stamina, so that you can embark on your journey comfortably without any hiccup. You must prepare yourself 6 months ahead of the tour, so that you can enjoy an exciting cycling expedition.

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