Delightful Dining Is In Store At Napa Restaurants

Delightful Dining Is In Store At Napa Restaurants

When it comes to dining out, Napa, California offers a wide variety of excellent restaurants. From small take-out spots to four-star establishments, the various restaurants in Napa regularly draw crowds of hungry diners.


A large number of restaurants that serve American-style cuisine are located in Napa. Breakfast, lunch and dinner options to suit all budgets are available seven days a week. Napa’s downtown area in particular, is home to many appealing restaurants, including a wealth of charming wine bars. Among the excellent American-style restaurants in Napa are the Jax White Mule Diner, at 1122 A, First Street, Gott’s Roadside 644 1st Street, Ad Lib, 1600 Atlas Peak Road, and Grace’s Table, at 1400 2nd Street.

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A lovely French brasserie named Angele and a luxurious, upscale French restaurant named La Toque are both located in Napa. Menu offerings such as croque monsieur, beef carpaccio, cassoulet, foie gras and baked oysters are popular items with local residents and visitors to the city.


People in the Napa area really enjoy eating Mexican food. So much so, that there are more than 30 Mexican restaurants located in Napa. There are lots of small taquerias that serve authentic Mexican fare at reasonable prices, located throughout Napa. Several family friendly, full-service Mexican restaurants, as well as a number of Mexican chain restaurants are also located there. La Tapatia Market, at 504 Brown Street, El Potrillo Mexican Food, 640 3rd Street and Tacos Michoacan, at 721 Lincoln Avenue, are just some of the great Mexican restaurants located in Napa.

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Italian and Pizza

Napa restaurants that serve Italian food are favorite dining spots for people of all ages in Napa. There are small pizzerias that specialize in pizza slices and take-out orders, and elegant, full-service eateries that offer extensive menus of traditional Italian favorites. Pizza pies, submarine sandwiches, pasta dishes, salads and Italian-style desserts are popular items at these restaurants. Some of the outstanding Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Napa include Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, at 645 1st Street, New York Pizza Kitchen 657 Trancas Street and Pasta Prego, at 1502 Main Street. As with the other restaurants in Napa, these restaurants all offer take-out service. Half a dozen Indian restaurants and an equal number of Mediterranean restaurants are located in Napa. There are Thai restaurants, Japanese restaurants, barbecue restaurants, seafood restaurants and steakhouses situated throughout the city. No matter type of food is desired, there’s sure to be a restaurant in Napa that can satisfy the appetite.

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