Destination Wedding Planning: Keys To Success

Destination Wedding Planning: Keys To Success

A destination wedding is unique from main stream weddings on many accounts because we create from the experience based on your love vision. Ideally, all enthusiastic couples want their marriage venues to reflect their joy and have a personal connection with them. Did the couple fall in love during their trip to Rome? Then perhaps their wedding will never be complete without a picture in front of the Coliseum and ceremony at the Sistine Chapel. The main reason for such an irresistible temptation is that in a destination wedding plan, the guest list is selective, and the wedding becomes a short vacation for those special to their hearts.

Choose a Right Venue

Based on your budget, travel time and the climate suitability, choose a pleasant venue for the ceremony. There should be enough space to accommodate all your guests. High-seasons imply crowds due to tourist gatherings, so the budget and availability might be a concern. However, if you plan your wedding in an off-season, the event will be more cost effective. Also, it can be a good opportunity for your wedding to become a cherished memory forever. The venue is going to resonate in your heart for long, and it should express the couple’s personalities elegantly. If she is fond of flowers, decorate the venue with blooming tulips and blushing roses. If the groom is a foodie, incorporate multiple cuisines in the menu. If nature delights you, then a vineyard may be your ideal destination. Let your creativity be infused throughout the whole event! A successful marriage story always begins with poetic expressions.

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Making Arrangements

Be sure to visit your wedding venue before selecting it and try and go at the same time of year as your wedding is scheduled. Inspect the ceremony and reception space checking for how the sun and lighting effect the space. Since you will have to hire a good number of vendors right from florists, photographers to caterers and orchestra, a visit can help in comparing prices and choosing the best. Make sure you visit them prior to the event, preferably with your fiance and dear ones, so that you can get an idea about their worth and efficiency. If you have prior commitments, just have a look at their previous projects. Search their gallery for pictures, videos and get a feel about your event’s outlook. Ask for opinions and clarify everything before you make the final judgment. Make a tentative headcount and inform your guests in advance. You will need to book facilities such as hotel rooms and catering services, so make a good estimate of the number of people participating in the most intimate event of your life.

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Research Marriage Requirements

Check the legal requirements from the local law-enforcing agencies. Many places have a “residency requirement” clause, making it mandatory for the couple to reside in the country for a certain period before the ceremony.

You could also discuss with your family and friends about the traditional requirements. Anticipate uninvited circumstances and prepare for it. Marriages are meant to usher joy and bliss but at times even minor disruptions can spoil the whole scene. Work out a strategy and then stick to it. Involve friends and family in this function. It will reduce your stress and labor exponentially. Also, you will notice a variety of ideas coming from them. Allow them to join in with all their best intentions and blessings for the newlywed couple.

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