Destroy Your Company Secrets Safely Using Confidential Shredding Services

Destroy Your Company Secrets Safely Using Confidential Shredding Services

A business can grow only when it’s ahead of its competitors but the confidential information regarding company plans, suppliers, clients, strength and weaknesses are all documented.

This important, documented information is mostly stored in boxes, on shelves, in rooms. Unfortunately there is a high risk relating to this data being stolen or some disgruntled employee could steal company data and mis-use same resulting in the the company’s future growth being greatly hindered.

 Due to the improvements and modifications in the Data Destruction technology there’s is no need to keep data beyond its retention period. There are companies whom provide a confidential shredding service in front of the eyes of company’s Management or trustworthy employees. They can see the whole process of shredding of confidential data.

So, what are the most confidential things that need to be shredded?

  • Defective Damaged Product

  • Out-of-Date Stock

  • Pharmaceutical Boxes

  • Printed Labels

  • Uniforms

  • Account Books

  • Credit Cards

  • ID Badges

  • Swipe Cards

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If any of the above mentioned things fell into the wrong hands, the security of a company is breached easily. In order to eliminate the risk and allow peace of mind, Security in Shredding two types of services-

Onsite and Offsite Confidential Shredding Service

Onsite Shredding 

All the confidential material such as business plans, internal meeting details, prototype, Blue prints, the testing of any product data saved in hard drive CD, DVD, hard disk etc., are completely destroyed under the supervision of a company appointed person, to make sure that confidential information cannot be leaked or get in the wrong hands. It gets destroyed forever.

Offsite Shredding 

Service employees of Security in Shredding arrive at a prearranged date and time. It can be scheduled on a fixed day of any month or any week or it can be on call basis like whenever client likes to schedule the shredded process. It can also be on clear out basis like in specific place assigned to keep the confidential things stored in secure console or receptacles in both narrow post slot to push in the documents. No unauthorized person can open these receptacles without the key. Once it’s full, the client can schedule a date to arrange for the sensitive material to be destroyed by the trained staff of shredding professionals. They empty the contents of the containers, transport them to the facility where the material is securely destroyed.


Confidential documents and products can be fully traced even if it has to be to check the minute details of the shredding process, how much has been destroyed and what’s presently being destroyed and what’s next in the queue in the destruction list.

Layers of Security

All the documents are cut down in to particle sizes, which are impossible to reconstruct. Confidential shredding services provider companies are the shinning armor of any business that allows smooth running of operations, removes constant fear of being spied, stealing of goods, documents. Pay full attention to business growth while not worrying at all about your business privacy.

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