Effects Of Divorce On Children; And How To Get Your Child’s Custody

‘Everything ends after a certain time’ is a well-known English proverb, and it’s inevitably true when it comes to marriages and relationships. Most of the marriage end due to unavoidable reasons; only a few survive the heat and sustain the bond and last until the end.

According to data from U.S Census Bureau, published in Mckinley Irvin

“Alone in the United States of America, one divorce is filed approximately every 36 seconds. Which means nearly 2,400 divorces cases in courtrooms, breaking the sacred bond. On an average 876,000 marriages have come to an end annually.

The average duration of a marriage in the US is approximately 8 years, not even lasting a decade.


  • 41 percent of first marriages end in divorce.
  • 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce.
  • 73 percent of third marriages end in divorce.”

Who is most affected by a divorce?

Believe it or not, children are the most affected by the divorce of their parents. Search for the question on google and the search result reflects the same answer. For children, their world falls apart when their parents divorce. Growing with a single parent is a tough job, for the parent as well as the child, and might have bad effects in future.

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Parents go nuts with the thoughts of effects of divorce on their children

While divorcing, this is a prime concern for both parents, moreover few decide to stay in the unhappy relationship to avoid the inevitable trauma of divorce from their offspring.

How will the divorce affect my kid ? Will they ever forgive me for dragging them into this mess? and Is it going to scare them from commitments and marriage all through their life? Every parent thinks about all this before taking the bold decision of divorcing their partner.

Who gets the custody of the child after the divorce?

Mostly, the mother gets the custody of the child after divorce; not because the courts are gender biased, but because after mutual consideration the mother is handed over the custody for the welfare of the child.

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The father visits often, once a week or twice a week, but they are less likely to take the custody of the child.

If there is no outcome of the discussion on the custody of the child, both parents can fight for their custody. However, if the judiciary feels none of them are fit to take care of the child, the child is handover to the nearest of kin or to child care homes.

Who is a child support attorney?

Child support attorney is appointed by the judiciary when they sense any kind of violation of minor rights like domestic abuse with the minor in cases like divorce and other judicial proceedings.

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What you should be looking for while hiring a child support attorney?

  • Experience; The experience of an attorney matters, this would be the difference between you getting your child’s custody or your partner getting the same.
  •  Are they parents in real life; someone who hasn’t felt the feeling that you might be feeling can’t understand your problem, needs and problems to come later. Hence, he can’t give the best advice because he doesn’t know it himself.
  • Focus on a peaceful existence;The main focus of the child support attorney is to seek whatever is best for the child from the judiciary. They should be aimed at getting the child a peaceful existence, and whatever is best for the child. They should try if they can get the child the love and care of both parents, not ignoring the happiness of both the parents too.

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