Essential Items To Keep In Your Car

When you are on the road you have to be prepared for anything. It always happens when we least expect it, but being stuck somewhere or needing tools in an inconvenient location is just about the worst feeling ever. It is important to take inventory of what you have readily available in your car, and also to see what you can add to it to be on the safe side. The best way to go about this is to take a medium empty compartment, such as a cooler, and place it in your hatchback or trunk for most of the essentials.  Here are a few tools that are “must have” items for all the journeys you will be taking, and to ensure safety for your traveling adventures.

1. Jumper cables or an electric jumper. You never know when your battery might suddenly die on you, so these are some of the most important tools to have. It can even be a case of forgetting to turn your headlights off that will cause your battery to drain and not start when you want it to. Having a set of jumper cables or an electric jumper can save the day and help you get home safely.

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2. A charged cell phone turned off. Especially if you are going on any cross-country adventures, having a charged cell phone ready at hand can be really useful. Even though these days most people have a cell phone on them, you don’t know what the battery life on it will be, and having a spare can get you out of a dire situation.

3. An air gauge for tires. If you drive around town a lot having a tire gauge can help you know when to put more air in your tires. Having a flat tire or a tire that is not inflated enough can cause accidents, so it is important to know their status at all times.

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4. Blankets, a fresh set of clothes, towels and a first aid kit. Keeping these items somewhere tucked away in your vehicle can also save your life in certain extreme situations. If your car dies on the road at night or if you happen to be miles from a hospital, these items can keep you prepared for the worst.

5. Tire repair kit. Sometimes when a tire suffers a puncture it may not to be replaced right away. Ideally you will get it switched out with a new one eventually, but if there is nowhere that would be able to provide that service for you nearby a tire repair kit can get you to where you can.

6. Bottled water. Keeping a bunch of bottled water in your trunk or hatch back is another smart thing to do. Not knowing what situations life can throw at you in a moment’s notice is just how it goes, but having water nearby can save a life.

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7. Road flares. People who drive across the country a lot know about those barren patches between cities and states. It can be a desolate environment for miles, and especially being stuck at night in one of these areas would be dreadful. Having a road flare on hand could potentially get you out of a hairy situation, as they are typically noted to be calls for help when people see a flare in the sky. Not only that, but they can be seen from quite a long distance.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited offers the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer!

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