Everything About Pomeranian Dogs

How many times you have thought about having a dog? So, finally you have made up your mind to go for a furry fellow right? Okay, it is good news and you should start looking for a breed now. Of course, there are many breeds and you should pick a breed that is as per your lifestyle and preference. What is the point if you end up with a dog type that is not at all your type? For example,

If you feel that choosing a breed is like making a guess then you are wrong. These breeds demand your attention and careful thoughtfulness. When it comes to picking a dog, there are plenty of things to think about like puppy or adult furry friend? Male or female, pure breed or mixed breed and so on. Once you have answered these questions, you would be much clearer about the breed you want to go for. Remember every single dog has his own set of characteristic traits, so it is vital to do your research before you make a final decision. Anyhow, if you have clear in mind that you would go for a specific breed then you need not to get into the tasks of comparing and so on.

Want a Pomeranian Dog?

Ah, so you are already looking for Black Pomeranian puppies for sale, right? It is good that you have decided that you would be going for this breed. Would you like to have detailed information about this breed? Go ahead and keep on reading below:

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Remember Pomeranian might be tiny, but they tend to have a feisty and bold personality. You can find that vigour in their eyes. Actually a Pomeranian is a fluffy, small, bright-eyed dog and the dog is undoubtedly adorable. You can find cuteness and attractiveness in this breed.

Pomeranian inclinesto think big

If you think that the dog is tiny and he might be fragile and fearful being then you are wrong. Generally weighing in at around 7 pounds or less, the breed is a small pup. But don’t say that the toy breed is fragile because these dogs have a bold personality that you might expect from the huge, much larger dog these dogs have the personality of taking the charge of things. If something is going on, they would have their own perspective about it. They feel good to be listened and always like it if their presence is recognized. Maybe they groan at times but that is only a hint from them that they don’t like a specific thing, person or situation. It is like a red signal on the road!

Watch Dogs

These furry and bubbly Pomeranians can be taken as watch dogs too. There is no need to allow his size dupe you.  This breed is courageous and bold and they are always up to alert you about the strangers or any unusual activity. They never hesitate to bark constantly. These fellows are clever and now what exactly is going on in the area. If they sense anything suspicious, they alarm the family like anything.

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Sporty Buddies

These poms characteristically have a high activity level and they are always inclined to excel at dog sports such as freestyle, obedience, agility, tracking and rally. You can find them energetic about the things and physical activities they are interested in.

Gorgeous and easy to Comb Coats

The breed has a thick, gorgeous double coat that comes in different colours and patterns. The coat is quite easy to comb.  You can find Pomeranians in pure white, black dots on the white base and so on. These dogs look really good and attractive. You won’t have to struggle in making their fur.

Quite Friendly

These Pomeranians are   typically extrovert and can easily get along with other pets.  But if you are thinking of handing a Pomeranian to your small child then caution! These are quite delicate and soft and might be handled roughly by the kids. These can get annoyed if treated in abumpy manner.

Quite sensitive

If you are going to own a Pomeranian dog then you need to know that these are quite sensitive. If you scold them, they might mind it. They can end up with so much of anger or can even groan. But you know what, if you are treating them the right way; they would never misbehave. You give them love and affection and you would get the same in return. These dogs are a great companion and a good company to have.The only thing is that they are sensitive and you have to be soft and polite with them. Of course, you love your Pomeranian but if someone else is getting rough on them; you need to be their protectors. You cannot allow anyone to get on your beloved sensitive Pom.

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Slightly jealous

Now all you people out there, if you think that jealous is a trait of human beings alone then you are wrong. Jealous can be found in dogs too and Pomeranian is the biggest evidence. These Pomeranians are really loving and quite possessive about their owners.  If they love someone, they make sure that nobody comes in between. If there would be any one more loving to their owners; they might dislike it. They want to be the centre of attention and dislike it when they are cornered.

Don’t allow them to be bouncy

It means you should make sure that your beloved Pomeranian is not jumping too much.  These are quite fragile and not so strong. You have to be careful about their body and especially their legs. If they would jump excessively, it might be dangerous for their legs.

Thus, whether you look for Pomeranian Dogs or pocket Pomeranian dog; they share these traits and characteristics. Since you have a good knowledge about this breed now; you can easily make out if the breed is thumbsup for you or a thumbs-down. Talk   to your family members and take a decision that turns out to be good for you as well as for the furry friend you adopt.

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