FonePawiOS Transfer

So are you searching for the best alternative for iTunes, so that you can transfer all the files between your iOS device and your PC? Then you might have found the best alternative, FonePawiOS Transfer! Now let’s get in-depth regarding this.

So now you probably might be wondering what is FonePaw? Okay, so FonePaw is basically an creative developer who has introduced application to transfer files for all the iOS devices. So basically this software can movie all your iOS files faster than the typical iTunes and now there is no need to get tensed that you will lose your data anymore, all your data is safe.

Talking a bit about FonePawiOS transfer, this software supports transfer for all kinds of iOS devices, ranging from iPhone 6 plus to even the iPod classic model. It supports all the types of files, such as videos, ringtones, PDF’s as well. The transferring process is pretty simple and the interface is also user friendly.

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So now you might be wondering, everything seems to be good, but why should I only prefer FonePawiOS transfer?

Well, down below are a couple of good reasons J

1.You can easily manage all your iPhone contacts, by importing or exporting them from  your email ID or from your PC. The best part is that you can remove duplicate contacts, and can also backup and restore your contacts

2.Sync all your data with just one single click

3.If you want the same iTunes library, you can sync all the music files with just one single click.

4.Can share PDF’s and also audio books with high quality audio as well

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5.Moving your images to PC and the back to the device is pretty easy

Now let’s talk about the compatibility, so FonePawiOS transfer is available for both Windows and Mac as well, and also with the latest version of the iTunes, 12.1.

You can download this software from the links down below:-

Download link for Windows users:-

Download link for Mac users:-

System requirements:-

Talking about the windows operating system, OS8/8.1/7/XP and Vista, FonePawiOS transfer basically needs at least 1GHz Intel CPU, 1 GB Hard disk and 512 MB RAM to work well, these are the minimum requirements to run this software.

The most important thing is that, no matter you’re a Windows or a Mac user, you should have Apple device driver pre-installed on your device, and you should also have iTunes as well.

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If you are looking for the best alternative of iTunes, the there is nothing better than FonePaw. You can share the files from your PC to your device with ease, with just one single click. Even the installation process of this software is pretty easy as well, it just takes a minute or so. Moreover if you have got any problems while transferring or backing up the files, there are tons and tons of detailed tutorials available. So use this software and do let us know in the comment section down below regarding what do you feel about this software, if you have got any questions, just drop it down below in the comments section and we will reply to it.

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