Four Suggestions For The Noise Isolation In Home Decoration

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The noise has bad influence on our health and the surroundings. Long time in the noise pollution home environment may bring us agitated mood. What is worse, it might cause health damage on psychology and spirit. How to isolate the noise and keep the home environment quiet? Melody Home shares you some suggests.

First, the Wood Furniture has Fine Ability of Absorbing Noise

Among the furniture, the woody furniture is the finest material for noise isolation. Different wood has difference on the noise absorption effect. The floppy wood is a good choice such as pine.

The Door Quality Decides the Noise Isolation Effect

Every door has the noise absorption effect. But the quality matters a lot. Besides the seal degree, the fillings of the door play an important role. Normally, the filling of the soundproof door is honeycomb structure paper base whereas the inferior ones only few separations in it. As to the solid wood door and the solid wood compound door, the higher the density is and heavier and thicker the door is, the better the effect it has.

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The Coarse Wall can Reduce the Noise Pollution

The coarse wall is better than the smooth wall, for it is easy to produce echo for the smooth wall. Therefore, if you want to reduce the interior noise, the coarse wallpaper is another way. You may use decorative material to reduce the noise such as the cultural stone. For the large size room owners, you may add one layer gypsum board to reduce the noise. The small size owners may separate the wall by the soft solid wood.

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The thick Fabrics can Reduce the Noise

The most frequent and most effective way to reduce the noise is to use the thick fabric. The study showed that the effect is the same for the vertical and flat weave items such as curtain and carpet. What is more, the soft carpet not only can give you warm feeling, but also remove the step noise so that it is helpful for rest. For the dream bedrooms, you had better choose the thick weave articles to control the light and outside noise.

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To Sum Up

The popular environmental protection decorations only pay attention to the qualities and materials. That is to say, the obvious pollutions are been noticed whereas the hidden pollution is neglected. Noise pollution is one of them. Your life can be warm and healthy only through reasonable decoration and declining pollutions. Click here to find more.

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