Garodia Students Compete At International Sports Tournaments

At Garodia’s, we believe in holistic education. We lay emphasis on the physical development of students as much as we do for academic growth. Our academy boasts of quality training facilities that enables and promotes students to learn and practice different kinds of sports regularly. Besides that, we also take part in prestigious sporting events.

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Recently, our handball teams participated in two international handball tournaments held at Spain and Sweden. The Granoller’s Cup 2015 was held in Spain from 24th June to 28th June while the Partile Cup 2015 was held in Sweden from 29th June to 4th July. The event welcomed participants from over 45 countries.

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The Students of Garodia Education trained tirelessly for months under the guidance of the Garodia’s expert trainers. The team comprised of 19 boys and girls – best handball players from Garodia International Centre for Learning. All of them displayed great skills and grit, providing tough competition to teams from other countries.

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