Greenwoods Camp – A Wonderful Place Where New Friends Are Made By Campers

Everyone needs faithful friends. After all, they are the ones that never leave you in despair and remain with you to share stories of first heartbreak, first love, and what not! It is with them; you beat the stress during exam and enjoy doing silly things together. Some kids are quick to make friends while some are shy and takes a long time to make even a single friend. Is your kid of the second type and you are sincerely looking for solution to overcome his fear to approach other kids to extend a hand of friendship?

Choose Greenwoods Camp to get a hassle-free solution for the same as the camping offered only for boys aged between 7-15 years is a wonderful place indeed and is quite reputed as a place where new friends are made within a matter of few days! Counseling staff at the camp are energetic, talented and make sure that all children are getting opportunities to do activities together as per their interests.

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Shared Accommodation

Children at Greenwoods Camp are encouraged to interact with each other and those who find it difficult are given ample support. Your child will get an opportunity to live in a cabin with other children too for the entire duration of the camp and some counselors also share the cabins which are equipped with electricity, bathrooms and personal dresser for each child. This of course helps to break the ice and to explore what is common between them by regular conversations or just by a little interaction which become quite obvious since all children also dine together in a spacious dining hall.

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Plenty of Group Activities

There can’t be any dull moment in the camp and imagine when your child is doing activities like rowing, drama, team sports, he will require to engage in major conversations with other children within his group and this is bound to help him in making some lifelong friends who will remain in touch long after the camp period is over. The special long day events also act as wonderful opportunities to interact all the more. Short trips to places like Zoo, sand dunes, etc. leave children asking for more and sometimes just swimming together in the pool bring children close to each other.

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You can also encourage your child to go for the optional trip that includes cooking food together under the stars and setting their own tents with help of other children to offer him additional opportunities to know the likes and dislikes of other children in the camp. So don’t feel surprised if he upon returning from the Greenwoods Camp will declare to find his best friend in the camp! He will have a bank of wonderful memories to cherish forever and numerous tales of his adventurous activities done within the camp successfully.

So, act quickly and apply as soon as possible to make sure your child is attending the camp this summer!

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