Help Your Kid Learn Guitar: A Comprehensive Guide

Help Your Kid Learn Guitar: A Comprehensive Guide

Selecting a guitar for children, which is of good quality and affordable can be a daunting task for any parent. Before choosing any instrument, you should know what your kid likes! Spend a bit more to help your kid pick at their best. You can’t just make them join a school and leave the rest of the job to teachers! You should note down their progress, whether they like it or not.

Think of your childhood when you wanted to play musical equipment or badly wanted your dad/mom to teach you lessons! Well, now it’s time to be a supporting and loving parent to your kids, giving them a chance to learn about famous musical equipment and history.

You should help them get the most out of it, but how? Here is a list of great things to help your children thrive musically.


Types of Guitar

Whether you want to teach your own kids or want to teach professionally, here are certain things to be considered. First of all, you should know the basics and difference between electric and acoustic guitars.  It’s very tough for anyone to begin with one subject and the same concept applies for your kids as well; hence, if they don’t learn fast, then don’t discourage, instead appreciate their work.

Set the Stage

Purchase a guitar first; if your kid is under 10-years, then it’s better to opt for 3-4-size guitar. Look for a music academy so that your kids learn under a flexible, yet structured approach. West Island Music Conservatory not only helps you choose the right equipment, but also teaches fundamentals with essential accessories, such as metronome, tuner, and picks. Though you make them join the classes, you should have dedicated time and practice space at home.

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Begin the session with them at home; they might fail at the first attempt, but don’t scold or discourage your child. You should inspire them to get on the right note. Take them to music shops and concerts, so that they realize and experience what live music is all about. Don’t just show YouTube videos, but also take them to small concerts. You should discuss goals with your kid and instructor to get to know the potential of your child in the musical field. If they come across any good music, ask the teacher to teach that song, so that it keeps them interested. Ultimately, they should become friends with their guitar, so that they start loving it and playing it on their own, instead of you forcing them to. Encourage them to vary complexity, tempo, and dynamics of rhythm. Be generous and motivate them to participate in performances, competitions, etc. Knowing their needs, give them some responsibilities, so that they feel more ownership over their guitar.

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You can use themes from Harry Potter, James Bond, or any animation series that they like. Repetition is an integral part of learning. If they’re playing the same music over and over again, encourage them; don’t get frustrated over it.

Kids need your love, support, and time to improve their practice.

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