How Technology Is Changing Education Today

In today’s day and age, progress in every sphere is being spearheaded by technology and innovation. It has transformed how we communicate and interact with the world, how we access knowledge and information, and how we learn and pick up skills useful in our practical and professional lives. Interestingly, these are the very tenets of education which are now experiencing a lift off thanks to the advent of technology.

Walk into many schools and colleges today, especially those which were established recently, and you are sure to come across technology in play across classrooms. From computers and laptops, to interactive presentations or internet-based learning, technology in education is omnipresent. Whether you are looking to become a manager enrolled in one of the BBA courses in Delhi or are in advertising trying to figure out the next best ad campaign, you are bound to come across technology of all shapes and kind during various stages of your learning.

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Here are a few revolutions that technology has set in motion in the field of education:

Internet-based Learning:

With increasing internet access on our laptops, mobile phones and on the campus, students and teachers can access a universe of knowledge that is freely available online such as research papers, explainer videos, study material, content libraries, etc.

The advent of E-books and Educational Smartphone Apps:

Nowadays, the burden of carrying books has reduced immeasurably thanks to digitization of our textbooks into e-books and PDFs. Thus, students can easily access and carry reference material anywhere. With smartphones becoming extremely common, educational apps have also gained popularity.

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Easy communication between Students and Teachers:

With technology, students can reach out to mentors and teachers, while teachers can do the same with students. This ease of communication thanks to emails and social media platforms has taken imparting of education beyond the four walls of lecture halls or classrooms. In fact, remote learning has become extremely common with students taking part in class discussions and lectures from the convenient of their homes. Want to enroll in a family business program but can’t afford to travel to another state where the college is situated? Remote education will solve it for you!

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Interactive learning and presentation Tools:

With the help of Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentation, and other software, students and teachers can communicate their ideas and thoughts much more succinctly. This has quickened the exchange of information and made discussions, debates, and project collaborations extremely easy. Video-based learning is also making a huge dent in the education sector.

Ease of Student evaluation:

Tests, assessments and examinations are now conducted online rather than on sheets of paper, thus allowing for easier assessment and maintaining of records.

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