How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Photos

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Once all the champagne has been drunk and the presents unwrapped, the delivery of the wedding photos is the next landmark in your post-wedding calendar. Most couples will order proofs or use an online service to check their photos before ordering the copies they want, but the big questions is: what do you do with them once you’ve got them? We have a few ideas for you to consider.

1. The Wedding Album

Naturally, a wedding album tops most people’s list. It’s traditional, long-lasting and the perfect way to immortalise the special day. There are plenty of wedding album options out there, from the thick padded books with embroidered covers to the stylishly printed versions which you can order online. The decision is up to you.

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2. Wedding Scrapbook

This is a newer idea from the US. Scrapbooking, as it’s known, is a way of saving special items from the big day in a beautiful and lasting way. Think of pressing a few small flowers from your bouquet or table decorations to adorn and complement your wedding photos. You can also add the wedding invitations or printouts of personal email replies and even add parking tickets from the groom, who was running late.

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3. Wedding Gallery at Home

This is an increasingly popular idea. Rather than simply plonking a wedding portrait on top of the TV for a few years, why not choose a space in your home to display a collection of your favourite images? Look at how a studio such as displays their wedding photo walls to get ideas for spacing and arrangement.

4. Unique Photo Collage Art

Creating a piece of art is a very post-modern take on the idea of wedding photography. If you have an artistic eye and are handy with a pair of scissors, consider making paper printouts of your photos to create an image which contains every element of your wedding day in one scene. Think of generating a whole new interpretation of a moment in the day rather than a basic collage which is just thrown together.

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5. Novelty Gifts

And last but not least, why not thank your guests with their very own ‘Our Wedding’ printed mug? Perfect for whoever it was who gave you the fondue set.

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