How To Save Money On Your Utility Bills

Energy is the most used property in the home. Water, heating and electricity are used on a daily basis around the home and can often be the most expensive of any bills. This does not mean they should always be expensive and there steps you can take to ensure they are not always so costly. This article will look at making your utility bills cheaper, while still getting the most out of your energy.

Install insulation

Losing heat can be one way of wasting money and an increase in energy bills, especially during the winter when it can get draughty and then you turn the heating up. You may find that your home is letting out heat rather than keeping it in. Carpet is an effective insulator and ensures that you draught proof windows and doors to avoid heat escaping.

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Foams and sealants available from your local DIY store should save you around £20 a year on your heating bills.

Use energy efficient appliances

Technology has come a long way and energy efficient products that meet the strict criteria on efficiency will not only produce the same amount of energy as standard products, but can greatly reduce your bills. Light bulbs are becoming a popular option, not only in homes, but in the office as well. Make sure you find the “energy saving recommended” logo when searching for products.

Consider switching energy suppliers

In most cases, our energy suppliers may be charging us more than we should be paying. If you inform your supplier that you will be selecting a competitor to provide your energy, some companies will offer to lower your bills to ensure your loyalty. In the event that they will not lower your energy bills, use a site to compare the prices and rates of different suppliers.

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Product specialists, who assists those looking to save money can help you save money on your bills by suggesting efficient energy suppliers.

Invest in a thermostat

Thermostats, if used properly, can help monitor the temperature of your home and can stop the boiler operating if the temperature exceeds the setting. The thermostat will also allow you to see how much energy you are using as well as adjust the usage throughout the home.

Set up direct debits

This may seem like a usual suggestion, but paying your bills via direct debit can save you money. Suppliers do offer discounts for customers that pay via direct debit as it guarantees the company will receive the money in time. Another advantage to this is knowing how much you are paying each month and will save on paper bills.

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While we may not always have a choice over who supplies our energy, electricity and water, we can at least make the bills slightly cheaper to pay. Other options include installing a meter to see how much you are using as well as making sure all electrical items that are not in use have been switched off. Following the tips above should make your bills cheaper in no time.

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