Important Tips To Remember For Any DIY Plumbing Project

​Whether you are looking to renovate an area of your home or fix a simple plumbing problem, you have one of two options — you either do it yourself or you call up an expert. There are usually two appeals of do-it-yourself plumbing projects, including saving money and having the pride of accomplishing a project yourself. Before you start your do-it-yourself plumbing project, read these simple tips to make sure you are prepared.

Recognize the Signs of Plumbing Trouble

It is very likely that you already know a few tell-tale signs of a plumbing problem — a constantly running toilet, the faucet that never stops dripping, a water bill that is higher than usual, or the pooling of water in some area of your home. However, there are many plumbing problems that occur deep down in the home, many of which are less visible, even inaccessible. If you notice that you have random warm or cold spots on the floor, warped floors or walls, or frequent sputtering in your faucets, it may be time to check for a broken or cracked pipe, a leaking water main, or another problem in your plumbing.

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Remember Utility Shutoff Procedures

It is critical that you remember to shut off the water to an area before you attempt a do-it-yourself repair. You may also need to shut off the gas or electricity. Before starting your project, be sure you know which lines run to the area that you are working on. Then, you will need to properly shut off the water, gas, and/or electric to ensure the repair can be done without incident.

Make Sure You Have All of the Tools before You Start

When you start a project, even a small one, you should make sure you have all of the tools you need before you start. Some items you may find handy include a wrench set with small and large sizes, flashlight, plumbing tape, and plumbers putty. Other than that, find a tutorial or instructions that list all of the items needed for the job. Nothing is more irritating than needing to run to the store in the middle of a project.

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Choose Quality Equipment

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right the first time — and preferably just the first time. When a plumbing project is completed using low-quality pipes and equipment, even the most skilled plumber may end up needing to revisit it in a few months. If you are unsure how to choose high-quality plumbing equipment, research some of the professional brands online. You may even want to consult with a local plumbing company to see what they use and recommend. Doing the research beforehand will prevent mistakes that will leave you with further projects.

Look for Instructions/Tutorials Online

It is okay to attempt plumbing projects that you don’t have experience with. If you are attempting a project for the first time, however, you may find instructions and tutorials very beneficial. Instructions and tutorials often contain both step-by-step instructions and tips that you may find handy when completing your DIY plumbing project.

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Know When to Call a Professional

Even if you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you may find that some plumbing projects are outside of your skill level. This can include underground sewage or water main breaks, projects that involve areas that are not easily accessible, installation of a sub pump or hot water tank, or any other type of plumbing project you simply feel uncomfortable completing. You should also call a professional plumber like A1 Service Plumbing in Orlando, if you run into an emergency. Emergency situations usually require a level of efficiency and skill that only professionals in the plumbing field will be able to provide.

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