Insightful Information Of EPSO E-Tray And Abstract Reasoning Tests

European Personnel Selection Office which is shortly called as EPSO is the organization liable for testing and selecting potential employee exclusively for European Union Institutions. EPSO helps in discovering the most appropriate staff members for a huge number of European based agencies and institutions including the European Parliament, the Court of Justice, European Commission, Economical and Social committee and many others. The organization is also specialized in personnel selection through various means of competent, effective and objective recruitment procedures. As EPSO tests are regarded as the large part of pre-selection process, it is extremely crucial for those candidates who want to acquire a job in the European Union Agency or Institution for having the better understand of the test.

Epso Pre Selection Tests:

If you want to be considered by Assessment Center, the candidates should take EPSO Tests that differ based on the position that they are applying for. This process is adopted for sifting through the huge number of aspirants for European Union positions. There are several types of pre-selection ESPO tests available and if you are interested to apply for any position in European Union Institution, you have to take the appropriate test based on the position that you want to apply for.

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EPSO Reasoning Skills Tests:

The reasoning tests are conducted to evaluate the ability of the candidates in terms of numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning. These tests are made available in 23 European official languages but the candidates can take the tests in their first language. The questions are listed down on the multiple choice method where you will be given options to choose the right answer among them.

  • In EPSO numerical reasoning, the candidates will be given charts, graphs and numerical data. Questions will be asked based on the given data and the candidates should choose the right answer from the given options.
  • Likewise, for EPSO verbal reasoning, the aspirants are given a small abstract from the text and they have to answer the logical question. Basically, the abstract will be selected from different genres or types of written content.
  • The epso tests abstract reasoning is evaluated by providing diagrams to the candidate. In this portion, every question includes a sequence of five diagrams and five options. The candidate should choose the diagram that could complete the sequence logically.
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The “epso e-tray” “e-tray epsoare pertinent to organizational environment and so, most of the questions will be relevant to what you encounter every day. This kind of pre-selection procedure includes e-mail explained to the candidate. This email will be containing a call to action of any kind such as requires, informatory, compliant or something else. Then you will be provided with a short description regarding the situation. It even includes your position and responsibilities in the organization. Then you will be given with a few course of actions and are required to choose the most appropriate and efficient one. You should decide between agree, neutral, disagree and totally disagree. This test is conducted in the second language of the candidate and it could be German, French or English.

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