iPhone 6 Big Screen Size Issue Resolved by Japanese Invention Giant Thumb

iPhone 6 Big Screen Size Issue Resolved by Japanese Invention Giant Thumb

Apple iPhone, is Japan’s most popular smartphone market. However, 5.5 inch screen of iPhone 6 Plus released recently, so many Japanese iPhone users feel the size is too large, inconvenient operation. However, this problem can not stop the Japanese entrepreneur and inventor. According to the United States, “Wall Street Journal” and other media reports, recently, a kind of “finger extended device” in the Japanese market released, people take this “artificial big finger” its look stylish after, you can manipulate with one hand on iPhone 6 Plus screen.

According to reports, a Japanese company called Thanko, invented this finger extended, a product named “‘YubiNobiiru”, after the user wearing, finger length can be increased by 15 mm, and then a big-screen smart phones, but also the flexibility to manipulate.

The finger extension device, the appearance of finger flesh, weighs 11 grams, is currently priced in the Japanese market for 1,480 yen (13.63 $). In addition to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus new listings, but also it can support 5.7 inches of Samsung Electronics Note 4, as well as Sony’s Xperia Z3 5.2 inches phone.

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This finger is longer, it will be welcome. However Thanko spokesman also said that the products are not entirely to Apple handset design, can also support major large-screen phone available in the market. The spokesman said the phone screen bigger and bigger, more and more difficult to control with one hand, so the company developed the initiation of the idea of ​​finger extended.

Samsung Electronics led the first wave of the global large-screen phone, now five inches of screen, has become a basic configuration. Through a large – size screen, smart phone not only able to complete the call function, can also act as a media content consumption tool.

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As we all know, the first large-screen phone in Asian markets rise, now accompanied by the introduction of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, European markets also began to gradually accept large-screen phone.

Last year, the technology market research firm IDC released a report once, configure the number of 5 inches to 7 inch screen, big screen mobile phone for the first time in the Asian market over the tablet PCs and notebook computers.

Interestingly, according to some industry insiders pointed out that in the Japanese market, large-screen phone to be welcomed there is another reason, Japanese women users believe in the use of large-screen cell phone, you can make your face look smaller, give the impression that a better image.

Although large-screen phone market rapid growth in recent years, but a real problem is that cell phone users found no longer used in the past one-handed way, to control the phone.

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Apple has recognized this problem in iOS 8 operating system, Apple introduced a drop down, hover function, double-clicking on the Home button, the user can play mobile screen interface easier to click on the application icon.

However, for those very difficult to control iPhone 6 Plus users, the Japanese company launched the fingers lengthened, a send large handy.

Manipulation on the phone, Apple founder Steve Jobs once said this year, 3.5-inch screen, is the best single-handed control of the size, he thinks big five inch large screen phone, not even a single hand grip, no one will buy big screen phone. However, the success of large-screen phone Samsung Electronics strategy, and until today, Apple’s suit, have proved that people prefer to sacrifice ease of manipulation, but also would like to see a larger phone screen.

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