Jignesh Shah Looking Forward To A New Beginning?

jignesh shah

Jignesh Shah has always been a creator and an innovator and his contributions to the society have always proved to be beneficial. The first generation entrepreneur was once a young archetypal boy who slowly climbed up the ladder of success through hard work. After working at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) for some time, Jignesh Shah left his job and seeing the window of opportunity, landed with his flagship product Financial Technologies India Limited (FTIL).

FTIL was a huge success, not only for Jignesh Shah but also for the Indian citizens. He successfully created Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model and modern IP-centric financial markets that opened up the opportunity for India to develop international trade routes. While FTIL had already put an end to the monopoly and was dominating the market, the chairman of 63 Moons Technologies Limited landed with more initiatives like Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), ODIN and National Bulk Handling Corporation (NHBC) that created millions of job opportunities for the citizens across the country and took the Indian Financial Market to new heights.

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In 2013, the honourable Jignesh Shah received a huge blow after his alleged involvement in the payment default case at the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL). Soon, NSEL was shut down and Jignesh Shah was later arrested without any concrete evidence. Fortunately, that was not enough to crush Jignesh Shah’s willpower and soon, after getting bail, he plunged on to take up audacious step of mentoring start-ups.

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Jignesh Shah is currently associated with two firms, JS Innovation Lab and startup Networkz. With his full potential, he is dedicating all his efforts towards the solemn goal of developing and expanding the start-ups. His efforts are reflecting on the website of JS Innovation Lab. According to it, JS Innovation is planning to enable digital IP (Intellectual Property) routes by setting up 36 innovation labs in partnership with leading educational institutes. Startup Networkz is also organizing multiple conferences in search of potential entrepreneurs.

While many argue that Jignesh Shah’s comeback in the market is almost impossible after such a breach in reputation, Shah’s companions and admirers still reckon, “All the cases against him are orchestrated. Why he is being hounded? Let the trial get over, he will come out clean.”

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Even after so long, Jignesh Shah is still fighting the case. He is trying to come up with initiatives that may help his cause. For a person who has been struggling for so long, he is still equally motivated towards his work. On asking about the case, Shah said, “I have full faith in the judiciary, and I am convinced of getting justice.”

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