Know Your Vaping Style; Which Type Are You?

Know Your Vaping Style; Which Type Are You

Vaping has long enjoyed an underground, cult mentality but it’s rapidly becoming more of a mainstream activity, with increasing number of users enjoying the activity.

Whether you’re a lover of deep, rich flavors or the light refreshing tastes, there are 10 certain vaping categories that everyone falls into.

A light-hearted look at vaping; do you recognize yourself in any of these groups?

1)    The Rookie

This is the category that everyone passes through at some stage; just starting out on your gaping journey and unsure what everything means.

With lots of questions about exactly how vaping works, the rookie doesn’t have a favorite brand of gaping device or eLiquid yet and is likely to still be experimenting like crazy.

2)    The Incidental

These people only vape occasionally and many of their closest friends may be completely unaware that they do so!

The Incidental isn’t too bothered about the style of their vaping device, preferring instead to focus on the pleasure they get from the activity. A no-nonsense e-cigarette which is easy to clean and maintain is likely to be their choice of implement.

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3)    The Tinkerer

These vapers love the activity but their real passion is the ability to tinker with the device itself.

They won’t want a basic device and instead will be excited about the ability to create a custom article, personalising every separate element to their own exacting standards.

Their goal in life is to create the ultimate gaping experience and they won’t stop experimenting until they reach this Holy Grail.

4)    The Guru

As the name suggests, this group of people are extremely knowledgeable about the ways of vaping. They’re constantly checking out new vaping technology and may even blog about it.

They’ll be keen to take a look at your equipment and are likely to make suggestions about how to improve it. A Guru and a Rookie is a particularly beneficial combination.

5)    The Fashionista

For these people, a vaping device is an essential fashion accessory, and is considered in the same way as a piece of jewelry.

Less concerned about function and more about styling, the Fashionista is likely to have components such as a cartomizer and battery in brightly colored matching colors.

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6)    The Evangelist

Evangelists are often ex-smokers who have converted to vaping and are now ardent believers that everyone should convert.

They may well approach smokers to pass on the positives of vaping and will have a track record in converting people. Evangelists are very proud of the fact they’ve managed to kick their tobacco habit and switch to vaping instead and are adamant that everyone else should follow suit.

7)    The Mixologist

These inventive capers have experimented with nearly every eLiquid on the market and have taken it upon themselves to create new and different combinations.

Imbued with an inexhaustible enthusiasm to discover new eLiquid combinations, the Mixologist is a constant source of inspiration to the vaping community.

8)    The Scrounger

You know the type: doesn’t have their own e-cigarette but as soon as they spot yours, they’re begging for a puff or two.

They’ll be insistent that vaping isn’t really their “thing” and that there’s no point in investing in their own device, but despite this will make a beeline for yours as soon as they see it.

9)    Cloud-chasers

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To a greater or less extent most vapers are cloud-chasers but those that truly fit into this category are constantly on the look-out for big, dense vapor mists.

Know Your Vaping Style; Which Type Are You

You’ll find them surrounded by what looks like fog, frequently involved in competitions to see who can blow the biggest cloud. Their vaping device is likely to be big and powerful with heavy juice made from VG that’s capable of producing an impressive amount of vapor.

10)    The Campaigner

These people are the ones who fight for vaping in the press; attending protests, getting into Twitter battles and setting up petitions are the kind of activities they’re likely to be found engaged in.

The Campaigner cares about the reputation of vaping, on not just a personal level but for the rest of the community too, and willingly gives up their time to fight for the cause.


Do you recognize yourself amongst these vaping categories and those of your friends? A fun look at the different types of vaping and the reasons why people do it, perhaps you’re a combination of two or more.

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