London’s 10 Best Property Investment Hotspots

London has long been the dream destination for those interested in property investment. The capital city of the United Kingdom is the financial, political and cultural hub of the country. It’s a hugely diverse city, with many different cultures and nationalities calling it home, but where are the best places to invest in the capital?


Limehouse is an area of London that is benefiting from its proximity to Canary Wharf, Stratford and the centre of London. Homes near the Docklands Light Railway fetch the best price, and there are a lot of shared ownership apartments available right now, with more planned for the future.


Greenwich is the perfect place to settle down in London. With its sprawling park and numerous museums, the environment is perfect for kids, and the DLR provides those all-important transport links into the heart of the city. Prices there are set to rise by around 19 percent.

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Stratford was famously home to the London Olympics, and the area is still reaping the rewards that 2012 provided. East Village is full of great homes, from one to four bedrooms. Due to its location and cultural revival, Stratford is attracting a lot of affluent people looking to buy or rent.


Lewisham is one of the most vibrant areas south of the river and property prices look set to reflect its growing popularity. If you buy a London property there, you can expect to see a 20 percent rise in price over the next five years.

Elephant & Castle

While Elephant & Castle may not be as picture-postcard pretty as some of the surrounding areas, it’s set to reap the benefits of a 1.5 billion pound regeneration in the coming years. Rental flats around here bring in around five-percent annual gross yield. The closer to the Thames you get, the more you can expect to pay.

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If you head further west to Ealing, you’ll find beautiful Victorian properties by the bucket load. Home to the famous studios, homes here are increasing in value – with a 20.2 percent rise in prices predicted over the coming years.


Westminster isn’t cheap, but you can expect a huge return on your investment if you decide to fork out. Buy a property here and in just five years you can expect a massive return of over 25 percent if you were to sell.

Kensington & Chelsea

Like Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea is a seriously pricey and very beautiful part of town. Like Westminster again though, investing now means a return of over 25 percent in half a decade.


If you head north of the river in Kew, you can expect to pay a little less (for now at least). There is extensive development planned in the area, so it can be worth buying now for a higher return later on.

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Southwark is more famous for its tourist attractions like the Shard and the Globe Theatre, but it’s a property hotspot too. It’s expensive, but if you do manage to get on the ladder here you can expect to see a return of around 21 percent in the next few years.

What can London offer you?

It doesn’t matter if you have your eye set on North, South, East or West – London is a city full of beautiful properties and a chance to make some serious money. You may be better off buying to sell, but in up and coming areas there are great rental opportunities too. Our advice? Take a walk around the city and see what your money could do for you in different areas.

Jonathan Stephens has a wealth of experience in the property sector and shares his knowledge by writing for property and investment magazines.

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