Macbook Air 2015: Release Date Possibilities

MacBook Air 2015

Over the past few months, we have been hearing different rumors about the release of 12″ MacBook Air in 2015. Besides releasing iPad Pro and iWatch, the company is gearing up to release MacBook Air 2015. This advanced laptop is expected to enter the mass production in the early 2015. It is highly anticipated that Apple’s New MacBook air will rely on Intel Broadwell Processors. As you guess, the devices will be slimmer and lighter. As high end market sector is targeted, the device will be manufactured in limited quantities. This device is claimed to have a number of new features including 12 inch retina display, fanless design and intel’s low energy Broadwell Core M processor.

GPU And Processor:

In fact, it was planned to release MacBook Air in the later 2014 but due to the production delay of Intel’s Broadwell Chips, MacBook has paused its mass production. The chips used in 12-inch MacBook Air 2015 are more efficient when compared to its predecessors and could run at just 4.5 watts. So, it is expected that the battery life will be increased tremendously. Moreover, this chip does not need any internal fan for dissipating heat so it is a revolution for MacBook Air. MacBook Air 2015, being completely fanless, facilitates in gaining a thinner design. It is expected that the advanced processor has the ability to keep it at low temperature whilst ensuring higher performance without any heat sink. When it comes to GPU of MacBook Air 2015, it is featured with Intel HD 5300 graphics with GPU frequency around 900 MHz. So, the users can expect smooth and better graphics processing in the upcoming devices.

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New Charging Port:

Apple is rumored to give up MagSafe Charging port which is used on all MacBook models and establish a new method for charging the device. However, the dedicated charging port will be included based on the final specifications and power requirements of the MacBook Air 2015. The new USB power delivery specs require Type –C port to be implemented and this allows 100W of power to be delivered in either direction through USB.


Similar to Retina MacBook Pro, this 12 Inch MacBook is claimed to have an incredibly thin design which is an impressive deed of this device. It is just 0.68 inches thick at its broadest point. However, the part of its design is due to the inclusion of Broadwell Core M process that provides more space for battery inside the device. The design of MacBook Air 2015 will be narrower when compared to existing MacBook Air because of narrower display bezels, speakers located above the keyboard with noticeable grills and the keyboard which extends right to the edge of the device.

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Apart from being much thinner that the current MacBooks, the MacBook Air 2015 is claimed to have a new track-pad design that performs well with a mechanical button, rather than just supporting the gestures. This highly anticipated device may include some of the iPhone style and iPad design elements including Gold, Space Gray and Silver color options.

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