Making A Career In MCA

Making A Career In MCA

If you happen to be looking around for a career in computer science after pursuing your bachelors in it then MCA is one of the idea career options available, which you must not miss to consider.

Earning an MCA degree from a reputable institute in today’s competitive scenario can help to drive a plethora of job opportunities. However, the real challenge begins once you accomplish the MCA degree as there is a wide scope of MCA in private, as well as, government sectors, due to which most students get confused and end up being indecisive.

Understanding MCA

MCA means Master of Computer Applications. The 3 year professional master degree program in computer science is designed especially to equip students with the most advanced tools, technologies, and applications in the IT sector thereby, meeting the ever-rising requirements of the IT professionals.

Students of MCA are required to study about subjects such as Accounting, Financial Management, Mathematics, Programming Languages including Java, C, ASP .Net, Database Management System, Web Development, and others.

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What are the Career Opportunities in After MCA?

Once you get an MCA degree, you can then explore and get yourself accommodated into any of the following roles:

Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer

A software developer basically undertakes the task of testing, designing, installing, as well as, maintenance of the software systems. The professional provide IT services by correctly identifying the client requirements and designing the structure in order to achieve those expected requirements. The field is and does go beyond the traditional software engineer’s role of coding.

System Analyst

If you happen to enter into this role, then you would be required to design innovative IT solutions in order to fetch potential businesses and enhance efficiency. The role of a system analyst is hence to conduct a comprehensive study about the prevailing business processes, situation, and models and design enhanced IT solutions for their clients. Saying that a system analyst acts as a bridge between the software developer and the potential clients will not be wrong.

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Software Consultant

Software consultancy is a highly popular career opportunity, which MCA students can grab. The professional is ideally responsible for assessing a business, the processes it follows and offers software solutions to drive more businesses. The professional can either work for a consultancy firm or as a self-employed. The role would be typically to offer cost-effective alternatives to clients in order to enhance their business growth.

Hardware Engineer

A hardware engineer ideally responsible for everything associated with computer hardware including wires, hard disk, computer chips, circuit boards, keyboards, printers, routers, and others. The expert takes installs and tests the systems, ensuring that the internet does not cause any issue and works smoothly. He or she is also involved in the testing, as well as, the production of hardware equipment.

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Technical Writer

A technical writer is responsible for creating his or her  creative writing skills with a blend of technology in it. That means, the professional would be required to write about latest technologies, innovations on gadgets and other different technical things.

It is an excellent career opportunity for MCA students who want to expand their knowledge of IT sector through their flair of writing. Technical writers are ideally responsible for developing technical documents including product specifications, product descriptions, user guidelines, white papers, project plans and others.

If you want to get vast job options then prepare yourself to clear the NIMCET or the common entrance test, conducted by NITs for admission in MCA degree course.

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