Malta Is The Ideal Holiday Island For Adventure or Relaxation

Malta is an exciting Mediterranean island with a fascinating history and a wonderful charm, suitable for families, couples and single travellers. There is something for everyone, from watersports to sightseeing, bars and restaurants to beaches. Many people choose to return time and time again simply because there is so much to do that one trip is never enough, whether you enjoy an active trip full of exploring or a more relaxing holiday.

There are many online sources and travel magazines which give you an interesting history of Malta, letting you read all about this beautiful island, from its complex history to its rich geography, its culture and people. The BBC website has a profile of Malta which contains facts and other information relevant to the country, which is always useful for travellers.

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Where to Stay in Malta?

Another question travellers to Malta might want to ask is where to stay on the island. The Guardian ┬áhas a few suggestions which range from the capital city Valetta to the quieter island of Gozo. If you enjoy nightlife then St Julian’s Bay is where you will want to be based as this is full of lively bars and restaurants. For a quieter base, Gozo is the ideal choice or perhaps a Northern corner of Malta, further away from the crowds.

How to Spend Longer in Malta

Malta is such a lovely country with so much to see and do that many people find one holiday is not enough time to really get a proper feel for the place. One or two weeks is enough to visit the main sightseeing locations and perhaps take a day trip to Gozo but there is much more to do and sometimes one holiday trip is not enough. This is why many families are turning to timeshares as a way to enjoy spending more time in their favourite locations with many opportunities to buy and sell a timeshare in Malta.

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Timeshares give you the option to choose your week or couple of weeks when you want to stay on the island and you can also sell your weeks and buy other weeks, making this a highly flexible way of organising and personalising your holiday. With a regular time share option in Malta you would be able to plan your trip more easily, getting to really know the island and its neighbouring islands, while developing a strong sense of community.

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Explore the whole Island on Foot or by Bike

Many people enjoy exploring when on holiday and, as Malta is a relatively small place, it is easy to travel all over the island whether on foot or by car. Another option for the sporty adventurer is to hire a bike and ride around the island this way. This gives you the faster travel time of transport while still allowing ultimate flexibility, as there are plenty of places to keep the bike securely wherever you stop off. Of course a great option for adventurers are personalised tours and there are a number of excellent guided tours which can take you all over the island and across to the beautiful island of Gozo, passing Comino along the way.

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