Mercedes-Benz Is Educating Young Drivers

In 2013, Mercedes-Benz Canada began preparing teens to get their drivers’ licences with much attention dedicated to fully cover safe driving skills that should remain with them for a lifetime. A the first program of this kind, country-wide, the overview shows a focus derived from proprietary best practices from other Mercedes-Benz training academies around the world. Governing provincial bodies have given their wholehearted approval for this education system that is specifically tailored to the unique requirements of the Canadian market.

Collision Statistics Tell it All

Collision rates increase dramatically among teenagers who are between 16 and 19 years of age who are driving, according to a Traffic Injury Research Foundation study. Sadly, the statistics regarding the severity of those collisions show a 16-19 year old fatality rate of more than four times higher than the collisions involving drivers from the ages of 25 to 34 years of age. And there’s more: the same study revealed a shocking fatality rate from accidents involving 16-19 year old drivers being nine times higher than the number of fatalities occurring in 45 to 54 year old drivers.

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Way Beyond the Basics

Mercedes-Benz has always prided itself in orchestrating the most painstaking efforts to guarantee driver and passenger safety, which means that a young driver who is on the road is safer when driving a Mercedes E-Class than many other makes and models of cars on the road. Fundamental rules and traffic regulations are covered for students, as an adjunct to basic car operation. This is where Mercedes-Benz training characteristically delivers more of a comprehensive approach for teaching these young drivers numerous additional skills and core competencies with a focus on defensive driving techniques.

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E-Learning and Assessing Risks

This unparallelled  program offers distinctive e-learning along with person risk assessment modules that provide students with a fully integrated awareness of how to assess risks. This includes driving on today’s sometimes complicated road systems that can often be congested or even perilous, and ultimately making the roadways safer for us all.

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Safety is Paramount

Mercedes-Benz is truly going the distance, first in terms of increasing roadway safety by integrating five star technology that is evident in every car off their assembly line, the likes of which their newest innovations, like Mercedes Benz C Class truly leave all competitors in the dust. And second, the Mercedes-Benz Teen Driving System is truly a grassroots solution that will produce residual rewards for everyone.

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